Wednesday, 2013-07-31

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davestzenlinux: Minnow data sheet on the website says Angstrom is YP v1.3 compatible.00:42
davestWould think it would be at least 1.4, yeah?00:42
zenlinuxdavest, I should double-check, but I believe Angstrom is still based on 1.300:44
das_plaguedavest: koen is working on the 1.4 testing now00:44
das_plaguedavest: he expects that to be complete any day now iirc00:44
das_plaguedavest: seems the press has picked up the news of minnow board00:45
davestdas_plague: ja01:02
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mranostay*whew* going downthill at 50 mph is fun :)02:05
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zenlinuxmranostay, on your bike?02:38
mranostaywell it seemed like 50 only peak at 40mph02:39
prpplaguezenlinux: you knew it was certain to happen02:39
prpplaguezenlinux: you knew we expected it02:39
prpplaguezenlinux: but dang! already?
zenlinuxhaha, awesome02:40
zenlinuxthat's actually a better article than the PCWorld one I posted earlier02:41
prpplaguezenlinux: there are about 5 more out there now02:41
prpplaguezenlinux: we've had about 5 or 6 reports call the office this afternoon02:41
mranostayoh god02:44
* mranostay gets a beer to read this :)02:44
zenlinuxwow, lots of new Twitter followers after Digi-Key re-tweeted our announcement02:44
mranostay"homage to Raspberry Pi" good start :)02:44
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Jayneilzenlinux: ping04:10
prpplaguezenlinux: yea ping04:11
prpplaguezenlinux:  i am getting hammered here04:11
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zenlinuxprpplague, hang in there04:16
zenlinuxJayneil, yo04:17
zenlinuxsorry, I haven't had time to test my macbook with the minnow - we've been having some issues with preparing media responses04:17
Jayneilzenlinux: No probs. I think the problem on mac might be cause of the ftdi drivers. The laptop I was using does not have them installed.04:21
Jayneilso tomorrow, I will install them and try again04:21
zenlinuxJayneil, if that's the case, we may need to include instructions on how to install the ftdi driver04:22
JayneilYup. already on my list04:22
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koenprpplague: it seems the yocto AB lost the angstrom application for 1.4 compliance, I guess I have to restart that process, will take a few months05:18
koenprpplague: sorry, just checked my mail, 1.4 compatible status granted05:20
prpplaguekoen: dandy!05:54
koenprpplague: that just leaves me to sort out the gcc ICE for x86 :(06:08
mranostayhmm TIL there is a fastboot efi image06:09
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koenmranostay: fastboot fastboot or just 'fast boot'06:10
mranostaydamn panto is here06:10
* koen stabs android for coining 'fastboot' when they mean 'firmware upload over usb'06:10
mranostaykoen: the android kind..06:11
mranostayyeah it gets a little damn confusing06:11
mranostaywhy are you in Zurich?06:11
pantovisiting family06:11
mranostayBelize is better for that now06:12
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calculusyeah, I noticed that my Mac does not have the ftdi or prolific serial drivers installed06:56
calculusI had to get the kext installed and then mess with some of plist files to get it working properly06:56
calculusthis was mainly the usb product and vendor ids to associate with the driver06:57
calculusoh, Jaynell left06:58
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patrikYay, a minnowboard just arrived09:13
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ahollerhmm, the uefi-bios for the board is open source too, right?13:19
koenaholler: partially13:19
ahollerI already wondered ;)13:20
koenso platform code is not available13:22
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ahollerI'm not really interessted in fiddling with that, just was curious because open hw doesn't make much sense if the necessary bios would be proprietary.13:23
ahollereven my machines do support uefi, I still haven't switched from legacy to uefi. Played a bit on my laptop with it, but the key-handling is a pain and crippled.13:30
aholleres everything where drm is involved :/13:32
ahollerdone by people which do like c-online-contests ;)13:37
ahollerof course by intention13:44
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KC0ZMXThis might be a silly question, but can the minnowboard run Windows? It looks perfect as a controller for an automated observatory, which unfortunately needs to run Windows.14:20
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das_plagueKC0ZMX: there is no plan to support windows for the minnowboard14:22
das_plagueKC0ZMX: doesn't mean someone can't find a way to do it, but officially , no windows support14:23
KC0ZMXdas_plague: Does that mean it's just not supported, or there are components that don't have Windows drivers available, etc?14:25
KC0ZMXI've been looking for some sort of really low power Windows-capable machine to run the observatory, but so far haven't seen anything I like.14:26
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das_plagueKC0ZMX: there is no major reason why windows could not be ported to the minnow, just means the circuitco team who manufacturers the minnow, does not plan to provide support for windows14:38
zenlinuxI think today is going to be an interesting day. :)14:51
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zenlinuxthe pcworld article is on hacker news14:53
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* mranostay yarns16:06
mranostayhmmm no dvhart16:07
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mranostaywow a whole minute16:21
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kierankare there any plans to incorporate non-atom processors?16:28
prpplaguekierank: such as ?16:28
kieranksome of the low-power Core i5s16:29
prpplaguethere are no plans for that at this time16:30
kierankit's a great project nonetheless16:34
prpplaguekierank: minnow is just a first step for Intel open hardware platforms16:35
prpplaguekierank: there will be more interesting things come...16:35
kierankif it had a more powerful cpu I would probably have ended up buying a lot. At this point with NUC and other similar chipsets I am beholden to the slow boot times as a result of proprietary BIOS/UEFI16:38
prpplaguekierank: the minnow is uniquely different from the NUC16:38
prpplaguekierank: it has way more I/O available for custom hardware16:39
kierankyes that's a problem as well for me16:39
prpplaguekierank: i2c, spi, gpio, PCIe , LVDS, CAN bus16:39
kierankat the moment I use pcie to mini pcie adaptors16:39
kierankwhich i have to order from taiwan and take forever to come16:40
kierankalso i have to usually take the hard drive out to use the mini-molex adaptor16:42
kierankso i can get 5V and 12V power16:43
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mranostayhi dvhart18:14
dvharthey mranostay18:15
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mranostaydvhart: poke21:11
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Jayneilzenlinux: ping21:35
Jayneilgot the thing working on mac. was issue of driver only..21:36
Jayneilworking on updating the pdf with instructions..21:37
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Jayneiljust give me the new image file you want in the guides, I will update it with that and give you the new pdf(s)..21:37
Vaizkiok now prpplague can tell me all about what's wrong with the MB :)21:37
prpplagueVaizki: not wrong, misinformation21:38
prpplagueVaizki: first and foremost is that Minnow is not intended to compete with RPi, completely different market21:38
Vaizkiah ok. so it's good but badmouthed.21:38
prpplagueVaizki: that's like comparing a moped to a SUV21:38
prpplagueVaizki: hehe, well i hope not, since i am one of the designers of the minnow21:39
Vaizkisure, all I was saying is that I'd wish the price tag would go down on x86 SoC boards21:39
Vaizkialthough I do have an Xcore XDM Vortex86 somewhere :D21:40
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prpplagueVaizki: indeed, this is a step in the right direction, if you compare other embedded Atom E6xx series boards with similar capabilities you are going to start off in the $800 range21:41
prpplagueVaizki: so in comparison to other embedded atom E6xx series, minnow is cheap21:41
VaizkiI don't know enough about Atom to compare the different families21:42
prpplagueVaizki: the big thing is, that this is the first open hardware platform based on x86 which means that minnow is moving things in the right direciton21:43
Vaizkiyes, but 200 usd is real money and I hope you get the volumes you are looking for21:44
Vaizkidoes the MB have HDMI audio? when I checked the build it didn't look like it21:44
zenlinuxprpplague, are you aware of any issues with the RESET button not working on RevA? I seem to need to power cycle my board manually to reset it.21:44
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zenlinuxVaizki, no HDMI audio, only discrete21:45
prpplaguezenlinux: we have a had a few solder issues with those buttons, be we've caught all of them on the validation tests21:45
prpplaguezenlinux: possible that one slipped pass21:45
kierankhow come you don't have hdmi audio?21:46
prpplaguezenlinux: is this one of the first ones of the production line?21:46
kierankis it a licensing issue?21:46
zenlinuxkierank, yeah, HDCP21:46
zenlinuxsome of the ARM SOCs come with HDCP licenses, but we'd have to get one separately for Minnow, and that didn't jive with our reproducible design goals21:46
prpplaguekierank: licensing is one concern, however we found that in comparison with a lot of the beagle/panda folks they wanted to use external audio more than on the hdmi21:46
Vaizkiyea it's true for me personally, I don't really want video at all but audio is nice21:47
Vaizkion the BBB it's not straightforward to get audio out because it's on the HDMI21:47
prpplagueVaizki: exactly21:47
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Vaizkicubieboard2 then again has discrete audio21:48
zenlinuxJayneil, can you walk through the Getting Started Guide to verify we're using the right Angstrom image file? I'm getting pulled in a lot of directions over here and my attention span in about 2.5 minutes right now. :-/21:50
zenlinuxplus I can't even seem to get screen or minicom to give me a readable serial console to do some debugging from21:50
Jayneilzenlinux: I am using the latest production image(from the link you gave me).. reset button and other stuff is working fine..21:54
Jayneildo you want me to do any specific testing?21:54
zenlinuxJayneil, if you are sure it's working the, that's good news.21:55
zenlinuxJayneil, this boots to an X environment, yes?21:55
JayneilI am able to get it working with screen, getting the login screen and all. but I have not done any specific/intense testing..21:56
zenlinuxSomeone in the field is reporting he sees it start booting but doesn't get anything on his connected monitor after that.21:56
Jayneil1 min..21:57
JayneilI am connecting it to my portable lcd screen..21:57
zenlinuxback in 521:58
Jayneilzenlinux: Yes, the X env. works well on my portable lcd..21:59
Jayneillet me check with a monitor now..22:01
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Jayneilzenlinux: Checked on a Dell lcd screen..22:16
Jayneilit works22:16
zenlinuxJayneil, thank you22:19
zenlinuxand it turns out I'm not insane, and must have had a bad board22:19
JayneilI see..22:19
zenlinuxJayneil, I took down a few more bits of feedback on the getting started guide, sending it to you shortly22:21
Jayneilthanks for the feedback :-)22:27
Jayneilwill incorporate it along with mac instructions22:27
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Jayneilzenlinux: Will have the changes sent to you by the end of the day22:48
zenlinuxk, thanks. I do have a person in the field who will need them asap22:49
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Jayneilworking on it..22:52
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