Thursday, 2013-08-01

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aholler(32bit uefi)12:32
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zenlinuxaholler, that's going to spark some discussions w/ the team today12:51
zenlinuxI think we're either going to have to buy a legacy BIOS CSM for UEFI or look into how much longer the Coreboot effort will take, and then go Coreboot + SEABIOS12:52
aholleryeah, why buying, would it be that hard to use coreboot?12:53
zenlinuxThere's a team at Intel working on the Coreboot effort, not sure what their schedule is12:53
koenzenlinux: OTOH, we provide 32bit EFI bootloaders in the box12:54
koenso people wanting to use a different distro only have to replace the ext4 partition with their distro of choice12:54
zenlinuxI need to walk through that process to get a better feel for it. I'm not sure I want people to have to jump through that hoop12:55
ahollerwhich might be a major hurdle for the current linux users which aren't that experienced as it used to be ;)12:55
zenlinuxheading out to the office...bbl12:55
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aholler(which shows that linux enters mainstream)12:57
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mux_so, it's OSHW, where are the PCB files?14:35
prpplaguemux_: they are getting cleaned up and marked with the creative commons license14:37
mux_awesome, so I'll be able to fork it?14:38
prpplaguemux_: the schematic as a pdf and design file will posted today14:38
prpplaguemux_: the board layout and gerbers by friday14:38
prpplaguemux_: along with BoM14:38
prpplaguemux_: absolutely14:38
mux_I've been waiting for years to get the opportunity to design my own motherboard14:38
mux_even if it's shitty atom14:38
prpplaguemux_: indeed14:38
prpplaguemux_: ha14:38
prpplaguemux_: if you do design it and want it manufacturer, feel free to contact circuitco, we'd be happy to assemble it for you and to assist in any questions you might have14:39
mux_do you do reasonable cost proto runs?14:39
mux_it's probably going to have to be 6-layer, which is a PITA14:40
mux_with BGA14:40
prpplaguewe can do up to 20 layers14:40
mux_yeah, but that's going to be prohibitively expensive14:40
prpplaguenot really14:40
prpplaguemux_: but to answer your question, yes we do proto runs, and we often do proto runs free of charge on designs that we might be able to use for other projects14:41
mux_my goal is basically to fork it with built-in li-ion charger/balancer and regulated output for a display14:41
* prpplague heads to the office14:42
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mux_I'm gone now, looking forward to downloading the schematics and gerbers14:42
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dvhartmranostay, still looking for me?14:53
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koenfirst mail griping about the powervr received15:24
koenhow long did that take?15:24
mmetzgerNice packing job on the minnows15:31
BurtyBkoen, it wasn't me... but... ;)15:40
kierankoh av500 is in here15:51
kierankhello av50015:51
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zenlinuxdvhart, mind replying to the gma600 post?16:38
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dvhartzenlinux, sure... will a bit16:58
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zenlinuxhiya RzR17:54
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RzRglad to met lot of pple here18:02
wmaronedoes anyone know if there's a lure in the works that breaks the PCIe out into standard PCIe x1 slots?18:06
zenlinuxwmarone, not at this time, but if there's demand for it, CircuitCo may be willing to create one18:08
JayneilRzR: likewise :-)18:08
zenlinuxwmarone, you can see a list of Lures being planned here:
zenlinuxI believe the Breakout Board and Trainer Lures are about to go into production18:09
zenlinuxkoen, I think we only ship the OS image with vi installed, is that correct? I'm thinking nano might be good to include by default.18:12
* mranostay shudders at the saying of nano18:16
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zenlinuxmranostay, you a fan of pico instead? ;)18:22
zenlinuxI can't remember - what was the default editor pine used to use?18:22
mranostayi'm a fan of a real editor :)18:23
ahollerhmm, legacy bios csm sounds funny. I wonder if the coreboot people haven't thought about that.18:27
RzRshut up and use emacs as shell P)18:27
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* mmetzger barfs a little at pico / pine18:37
koenzenlinux: feel free to send a patch against meta-angstrom :)19:02
prpplaguewmarone: we have one designed, but haven't gotten it into production yet19:09
prpplaguewmarone: the pcie slot requires 12V with a fairly large current rating19:09
prpplaguewmarone: so you'd need to power the board via 12V wall-wart through the lure, which would convert it down to 5V for the main board19:10
prpplaguewmarone: the mPCIe slots are a better option for low power19:10
prpplaguewmarone: as they only require 3.3v and 1.8v19:10
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Jayneilzenlinux: ping19:38
Jayneilprpplague: do you have a nick "CyberGusa" on
zenlinuxJayneil, thanks for that media summary19:48
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mranostayJayneil: stalking?19:55
dnilGreetings! First off, nice to see Atom technology entering the open source hardware arena.20:29
dnilI'm trying to get a sense of how hard it would be working on boards based on the minnowboard, still can't find the hardware design files on though.20:31
dnilIs the minnowboard a 4 or 6 layer PCB?20:31
zenlinuxhi dnil. prpplague can answer your question about how many layers on the PCB. The design files should appear on our web site in about 24-48 hours20:43
zenlinuxI think I'll have some of the design files tomorrow20:44
zenlinuxbut there might be a few I'll have to wait just a bit longer on20:44
prpplaguednil: we are finalizing the design files with the creative common license status now, schematics and orcad files should be posted today, and design files for the pcb will be posted tomorrow20:44
prpplaguednil: is there something specific you are interested in?20:44
dnilprpplague, Just trying to get a sense of the complexity. I know the complexity of other "similar" products, for example what it would take to build a device for a customer based on a beaglebone for example.20:46
dnilSo, is designing with the Intel parts putting a lot more demands on PCB technology for example?20:47
dnilI'll keep an eye out on the site over the weekend. Glad to hear its Orcad though!20:48
mmetzgerJust booted the minnow and am fiddling around - does Angstrom / Yocto come with a native netfilter package? (ie, need to use iptables -t nat -L style commands)20:58
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prpplaguednil: sorry was in a meeting21:10
prpplaguednil: generally no21:10
prpplaguednil: the design for the minnow is very basic, and we've made sure that every single part on the minnow is available to be purchased by the general public21:10
dnilprpplague, Ok, no problem. That sounds encouraging!21:10
prpplaguednil: this means that most everything can be purchased via mouser or digikey21:10
dnilprpplague, Yeah, I already noticed that the main parts were readily available.21:11
dnilprpplague, Do you know if the PCB is a 4 or 6 layer design?21:13
* calculus goes to build a minnow with a radioshack soldering iron21:14
calculusthey are through-hole parts right? ;-)21:15
dnilcalculus, Oh yes. All of them :-P21:16
prpplaguednil: 8 layers21:16
dnilprpplague, Oh... Ok, I bit more than I had hoped for.21:17
prpplaguednil: if you are really interested in a variation of the board, Circuitco will be happy to assist21:17
prpplaguednil: we can do variations for you, in most cases we can do it without any money upfront21:18
prpplaguednil: feel free to contact for questions21:18
dnilprpplague, Yep, I know. We have been in touch already :-)21:18
prpplaguednil: ahh ok21:19
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nnumeralsanything good to come from these?21:56
nnumeralslike multi-socket atom *cougH*21:57
* mranostay gets nnumerals some cough drops22:13
ahollerwhat is a multi-socket atom?22:59
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calculusatoms that can bond to more atoms.. like H-O-H (water), the O is multi-socketed23:07
prpplaguezenlinux: ping23:08
ahollernew business modell, one cpu for many mb's23:08
prpplagueis that like a time-share apartment?23:08
ahollersandwich-mbs, one atom between two mbs23:09
prpplaguemmmmm sandwich23:10
ahollerpins on bottom and top, must be worth a patent23:10
prpplaguewow we have nice little crowd of folks adding into the channel23:11
ahollerI'm pretty sure some silly soul will file such a patent.23:13
ahollerif it doesn't already exist23:13
prpplaguezenlinux: give me a ping when you get 30 seconds23:26
zenlinuxsorry prpplague, got to catch a shuttle to get transit home23:46
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