Friday, 2013-08-02

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calculusprpplague: congrats, you have earned the role of Darth Vadar :)01:03
prpplaguei find you faith in the minnow disturbing01:05
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nnumeralswhat are some future developments that may make the minnowboard successful?01:33
nnumeralsmaybe it's too soon for that question01:34
nnumeralsanyone thought of swapping the sata 2 for sata 3?01:35
prpplaguennumerals: lots of plans abound01:35
nnumerals...or what other than hard drives utilize sata?01:35
prpplaguennumerals: think of minnow as a RFC01:35
prpplaguennumerals: or "hello world"01:36
nnumeralswhat do you mean by rffc01:36
nnumeralsi dunno if i agree01:37
nnumeralsthinking pretty big01:38
nnumerals1gb ram and a 1ghz atom isn't huge01:38
nnumeralscan it handle voice-to-text?01:38
nnumeralsi'm going to stick around and see what this place brings01:40
prpplaguennumerals: not to sound condicending , but how many open hardware platforms , x86 specifically, have you created? there is a learning process with anything that is designed, minnow is a RFC with x86 open platforms in mind01:40
prpplaguennumerals: indeed01:40
nnumeralswhat does an open hardware platform consist of01:40
prpplaguennumerals: every little contribution makes thing better01:40
prpplaguennumerals: one sec01:40
nnumeralspeople with Pi's swap parts out or hack them to shreds and make tons of little operating boards01:41
nnumeralsat least all of the things i've seen01:41
nnumeralsi dunno if i like the fact of buying a board + bundled hardware01:41
nnumeralsi'd much rather print/place than cut/print01:42
prpplaguennumerals: sorry i did not understand your statement01:42
nnumeralsi don't want to hack a board and leave it semi meaningless just to get the parts i want and print a board anyway... the idea of printing a board and placing parts on it appeals to me more01:43
nnumeralsie: wholesale01:43
nnumeralsbut Minimum order quantities of 1 @ wholesale or slashed prices01:44
nnumeralsinstead of bulk only01:44
nnumeralsie: specialized orders01:44
prpplaguennumerals: every single part on the minnow is available for order from distributors such as mouser and digikey01:45
nnumeralsyeah so what is special about the board?01:45
nnumeralswhy do i want the board01:45
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nnumeralsdoes the board support the full 2GB of RAM that the Atom can work with?01:46
nnumeralsi know it ships with 101:46
YuriyHello there01:46
prpplaguennumerals: the question is "what do i want to do with it?"01:46
nnumeralsand why is it using expensive ddr2 instead of DDR401:47
prpplaguennumerals: what makes it special is the single fact that everything about the board is open01:47
prpplaguennumerals: yes all of those facts are important01:47
YuriyIf minnowboard is open source project??   than why I cannot find schematics?01:47
prpplaguennumerals: let me ask you something01:47
prpplagueYuriy: the release of the info was somewhat ahead of schedule01:47
prpplagueYuriy: the design files will be release before eod friday01:48
nnumeralswhere at?01:48
Yuriyand all data sheets will be avaible for that board?01:48
prpplaguennumerals: if a proceedure and design is completely out of the realm of your expertise, do you do it without practice? no - like i said - minnow is a RFC...... gotta know what you are doing first01:49
prpplagueYuriy: indeed01:49
prpplaguennumerals: minnowboard.org01:49
YuriyGood, thank you01:49
prpplagueYuriy: pdf schematic, orcad dsn, bill of materials, dxf, gerbers, and allegro board layout01:51
YuriyI had read this board support CAN ... so which chipset used to support that?01:55
mranostayprpplague: yo02:00
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zenlinuxw00t! Just uploaded a few of the design files to our website:
zenlinux(see the Design Files section at the bottom of the page)04:00
* mranostay loads paper in the printer04:28
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mux_prpplague, you still around?05:47
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e_mc2Does anyone know if there is a way to get a 64-bit processor on a minnowboard?06:31
e_mc2The E640 is 32-bit only and I have my own 64-bit OS that I want to run on this.06:32
koenno way, the cpu is soldered on06:33
dm8tbryou can ofc take the design files and respin your own hw...06:34
dm8tbrof course06:34
e_mc2ahh ok. Any good resources for doing my own hw?06:36
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dm8tbr - see bottom of page06:38
dm8tbror contact circuitco about having them modify the design to your liking. But I hear they are very busy right now and might not have time for commercial requests for a while.06:39
e_mc2ok. I think I'll just go with an Intel NUC for now. I just need a machine to use for my PhD project and this one seemed ideal except that it is 32-bit only.06:43
e_mc2I can probably get enough information on the NUC to build the drivers that I need for the hardware etc.06:44
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* mranostay waddles in07:26
* calculus swims by07:28
* mranostay passes out07:34
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* dm8tbr makes a slpash08:29
* aholler sweats08:41
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tecnixHello all14:28
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* zenlinux wanders off in search of breakfast and caffination...15:13
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zenlinuxquiet channel this morning16:55
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mux_hey, drgone... is that the same drgone from #reprap?17:00
* mranostay gets his blowhorn and heads over to JF1 for zenlinux 17:46
zenlinuxmranostay, I'm WFH today17:47
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mranostayhi davest21:57
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Jayneilzenlinux: ping22:32

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