Monday, 2013-08-05

mranostayprobably or dvhart00:00
* mranostay goes out to bike or something00:01
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mranostayzenlinux: you notice the schematic jumper numbers don't match the silkscreen?14:44
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zenlinuxmranostay, which ones? that's not good15:18
zenlinuxmranostay, are you on the minnowboard mailing list? I'd report it there15:19
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Jayneilzenlinux: ping15:54
zenlinuxJayneil, good morning (I have a meeting in a few mins)15:55
Jayneilzenlinux: Good morning. no problem.. catch you later :-)15:55
zenlinuxbtw, I've linked to the wiki getting started guides from now15:55
zenlinuxvery happy with the results15:55
zenlinuxI still have yet to review the physical computing guide, when I've done that I'll be comfortable linking to that one15:56
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dm8tbr /win 3016:11
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koenprpplague: minnow rtc bb is a cr2032?16:25
koendrat, the local home improvement store doesn't have those16:26
mranostayprpplague: yo16:30
* zenlinux heads into jonestown16:45
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* mranostay readys the kool aid16:47
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mranostayzenlinux: kool aid ready in JF5 :P17:30
* dm8tbr prods zenlinux - are you the moderator for the google group?17:34
zenlinuxdm8tbr, yes17:35
* dm8tbr hasn't seen his mail come through the list17:35
dm8tbrDate: Sun, 04 Aug 2013 19:28:31 +000017:35
zenlinuxdm8tbr, hmmm....check your settings in the google group. I have the feeling I may have set a default incorrectly.17:35
zenlinuxoh wait, you're talking about an email *you* sent to the list17:35
zenlinuxlet me check the moderation queue17:36
dm8tbrAug  4 21:28:35 dk0td postfix/smtp[9695]: E2184C0BD4: to=<>,[2a00:1450:4001:c02::e]:25, delay=1.3, delays=0.62/0.02/0.32/0.39, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 OK 1375644515 a1si2798622ees.1 - gsmtp)17:36
dm8tbrgoogle accepted the mail17:36
zenlinuxdm8tbr, your message was marked as spam by google! approving manually17:36
* dm8tbr wonders why his mail got cought, as he had subscribed properly :/17:37
zenlinuxadded you to the non-spam whitelist17:37
dm8tbrcaught even17:37
mranostayzenlinux: btw are you suppose to have jumper the GPIO_PROG_HEADER pin to 3v3 to get that rail on the expansion header?17:41
zenlinuxmranostay, I have so much going on right now I have to defer hardware questions like that to dvhart or prpplague17:42
prpplaguemranostay: no we don't ship it with a jumper17:43
prpplaguemranostay: if you want one, you have to add it yourself17:43
mranostayprpplague: ok yes but would have been nice to know that fact :)17:43
mranostaytook me 5 minutes in the schematic no biggie17:43
prpplaguemranostay: hehe17:43
prpplaguemranostay: i'll make a note17:44
mranostaymaybe blind but didn't see it on the wiki page17:44
mranostayprpplague: btw all the schematic jumper numbers don't match the silkscreen17:44
prpplaguemranostay: can you give me an example?17:45
prpplaguemranostay: they should be matching17:45
mranostayprpplague: J19 in schematic for the 100 pin header. but J8 on the silkscreen17:47
prpplaguemranostay: hmm, mine matches17:47
prpplaguemranostay: you grabbed the schematic from the
prpplagueok, need to check with dave albert on this17:48
prpplaguemranostay: ok, i'll check on this17:49
prpplaguemranostay: thanks17:49
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Jayneilzenlinux: Did you see the google plus post I tagged you in..?18:23
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patrikmranostay, prpplague, my minnow says J8 on the 100 pin expansion header19:42
mranostaypatrik: mine does as well19:42
prpplaguepatrik: yea the schematics posted have the wrong designators19:42
prpplaguepatrik: we are updating it now19:43
patrikah ok19:43
mranostayprpplague: i thought i had one too many IPAs at first :P19:43
prpplaguepatrik: when my EE did the PDF, he accidentally had it renumber everything19:43
Vaizkinot sure how to have one too many IPAs19:43
Vaizkiusually it's way too many19:44
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mranostayprpplague: yeah i was going to say i'd check everything19:46
mranostayi know the ICs are mislabeld as well :)19:46
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* zenlinux wishes he had an IPA right now19:55
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zenlinuxguess I'm going to Maker Faire NYC22:25
mranostayzenlinux: don't sound so excited22:55
mranostayisn't the the main one?22:55
zenlinuxno, the San Mateo one is the huge one22:56
Jayneilzenlinux: Awesome!22:56
mranostayah went to that once22:56
mranostayNYC would be cool to visit22:57
mranostayliving there would be insane :)22:57
zenlinuxyeah, I may take a few extra days for vacation there22:57
Jayneilzenlinux: Is there a way, I can upload the Minnow pdf(s) directly to the website if possible..? This way I don't have to bug you every time I make some small change..?22:58
zenlinuxJayneil, just keep them updated in that shared dropbox folder and ping me when you need a refresh.22:59
Jayneilok. Works for me :-)23:00
zenlinuxWe should talk about possibly re-structuring the wiki docs so you don't have to update all the guides every time you make a change to a common section23:00
* mranostay always wonders why adafruit is in NYC23:00
zenlinuxas a programmer it feels icky to have that much material repeated in so many places23:00
mranostayquite possibly the worse city + state to run a busines from :)23:00
zenlinuxIf you love NYC there's no place like it.23:01
Jayneilzenlinux: Can you hang back on the call after the meeting if possible?23:01
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