Tuesday, 2013-08-06

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mranostaynice my lure connectors are here01:31
mranostayzenlinux: silly question how does the SATA drive connected get powered? note the last time i used one you had to have a molex connector :P01:42
zenlinuxmranostay, there are pins next to the SATA connector that should offer 5V power and enough current to power a SATA drive, you just need to buy or hack a special cable to use it01:43
mranostayah J4 i assume01:44
zenlinuxI believe so (actually don't have a Minnow next to me right now)01:44
* mranostay has a like 5 year old sata drive01:44
mranostayno clue what is even on it01:45
zenlinuxyou still in the office?01:45
zenlinuxI had late meetings, traffic should be tolerable now for me to head out01:45
* mranostay wonders if he has SATA cables at all01:46
* zenlinux gets outta here01:54
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DG5MPQtach zusammen11:29
DG5MPQjemand in deutsch da ???11:29
av500kommt drauf an11:37
DG5MPQhabe heute zum ersten mal über das board was gehört   bzw. eine Mitteilung bekommen11:38
DG5MPQjetzt wollte ich nur mal wissen, ob es schon einer hat und damit schon arbeitet11:38
av500bisher nur der engste kreis11:39
DG5MPQund wie ist die erste Einschätzung11:39
DG5MPQbekam die meldung üener elektroniknet.de rein11:40
DG5MPQbekam die meldung übner elektroniknet.de rein11:40
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prpplaguemranostay: updated schematic will be out shortly15:21
prpplaguemranostay: turns out there is a "new" check box that was added to the orcad update when generating printed material15:22
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mharschwhere can I get a yocto BSP for minnow board?16:10
prpplaguemharsch: the support is mainline in yocto16:32
prpplaguemharsch: should be able to just grab that and go16:32
mharschjust set MACHINE=minnow?16:34
mranostayprpplague: that and the minnow overlay16:34
mharschit seems like I need the 'meta-minnow' layer16:36
prpplaguemharsch: yocto isn't my area of expertise, i've asked a couple of folks to join the channel to help answer your questions16:38
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mharschprpplague: how do you build your environment?16:39
prpplaguemharsch: hehe, i usually use just busybox, so there isn't much to build, hehe16:40
dvhartmharsch, what are you looking to build - sorry, joinging a bit late today16:40
mharschdvhart: I'm new to the whole stack so I'm going through the yocto getting started steps16:41
mharschI've reached the "go fetch your platform BSP" step16:41
dvhartmharsch, good place to start. The minnowboard BSP is here:16:42
mharschdvhart: ah, good.  That's what I thought.16:42
dvhartI think there should be a tarball download for it too... will have to check with our build engineer...16:42
dvhartsee the README in the meta-minnow layer16:42
dvhartthere are details there on building the poky reference distro as well as rebuilding the Angstrom image16:43
mharschgot it.  thx.16:43
dvhartdo we need to make the location of the BSP layer more obvious from the initial documentation?16:43
dvhartmharsch, let me know the path you took and where you got stuck and we'll fix up the docs!16:43
mharschdvhart: I would have expected to find a download link for the BSP on the main yoctoproject.org downloads page16:44
dvhartmharsch, indeed you should16:44
dvhartLooks like it hasn't made it up there. I'll get that fixed, thanks!16:45
mharschalso, I'm still a bit fuzzy on the relationship between Angstrom, Yocto, OpenEmbedded, Poky, etc16:45
dvhartheh, OK, that's understandable, let me take a crack at that16:45
dvhartOpenEmbedded is a huge library of recipes buildable with bitbake16:45
dvhartYocto is an umbrella project that collects various projects, like bitbake, openembedded-core (a subset of openembedded) and defines some default policies (in the poky reference distro) and generally provides a validated set of sources guaranteed to work together16:46
dvhartAngstom is a distribution built with some of these same sources16:46
dvharta distribution is basically a set of policies16:47
dvhartpoky defines a basic set, Angstrom takes it a bit further for a more polished distribution, including package feeds for updates, etc.16:47
dvhartclear as mud?16:47
prpplaguedvhart: hey that is my saying, you can't use that!16:48
mharschdvhart: thanks, that helps.16:48
aholler_use "clear as windows" ;)16:48
dvhartprpplague, heh, I didn't see a (tm) anywhere16:48
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* zenlinux_ finally awakens from the morning brain fog17:02
mranostayzenlinux_: still in that17:08
mranostayone of those morning i'm awake but it doesn't feel like it17:08
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mranostayJayneil: !!17:09
Jayneilmranostay: Hi!17:09
mranostaynot so loud please17:10
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prpplaguezenlinux: ping18:18
zenlinuxprpplague, hi18:20
prpplaguezenlinux: new design files sent18:21
prpplaguezenlinux: probably need to get them update asap18:21
zenlinuxprpplague, righty, on that now18:21
zenlinuxok, schematic should be updated, DaveA said the DSN is the same, so I didn't update that18:31
zenlinuxneato!: https://twitter.com/DocProfSky/status/36457893172412416518:35
prpplaguezenlinux: should we have the eagle library listed there as well for creating lures?19:30
* dvhart removes ModemManager from Fedora 19 and using the minnow console just got a whole lot easier!19:45
dvhartJayneil, that is probably worth mentioning in the getting started guide19:46
dvhartobnoxious piece of software that...19:46
JayneilI see.. I use Xubuntu..19:49
prpplaguedvhart / zenlinux someone needs to put yocti back as ops19:53
dvharthalstead, can you bring yocti back up?19:54
halsteaddvhart: maybe. I'm heading to a play in a minute.19:56
halsteadWhat's wrong with yocti?19:57
dvhartit needs ops20:02
ka6sox-Alyeskawhere are image updates going to be located?20:09
ka6sox-Alyeska(angstrom image updates)20:10
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ka6sox-Alyeskaokay, figured it out once the entire page loaded.20:15
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zenlinuxka6sox-Alyeska, we're going to get a decent file hosting solution one of these days soon20:26
zenlinuxand not keep hammering on koen's site20:26
zenlinuxditto for hosting the design files and 30+ MB PDF getting started guides20:27
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prpplaguemranostay: schematic should be corrected now20:33
ka6sox-Alyeskazenlinux, I have a mirror site I host @ OSUOSL for angstrom20:37
zenlinuxka6sox-Alyeska, are you possibly offering to host some MinnowBoard files? <flutters eyes>20:42
mharschdvhart: you almost snuck those commits in before I hit the mesa issue :-)21:01
zenlinuxprpplague, what's a .brd file? I'm writing up a description for the web site21:33
prpplaguezenlinux: .brd is the allegro board design file. you can download a free "viewer" for windows in the same manner as you can get a free pdf "viewer"21:33
prpplaguezenlinux: http://www.cadence.com/products/pcb/Pages/downloads.aspx21:34
zenlinuxprpplague, perfect, thanks21:36
prpplaguezenlinux: the other files are the gerbers - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerber_format21:37
prpplaguezenlinux: there should be two PDF's there as well21:37
prpplaguezenlinux: one is a "fabrication" document21:38
prpplaguezenlinux: this gives the pcb manufacturer information about how to make the pcb21:38
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mranostayprpplague: of course is there any hobbyist aimed pcb shops that can do 8 layers?21:38
* mranostay doubts it21:38
prpplaguemranostay: sure, virtually any of the board houses in the states can make this pcb21:39
prpplaguemranostay: i made certain of that21:39
zenlinuxI think the hardware hobbyists will focus more on creating custom Lures rather than trying to re-spin the board itself.21:39
mranostayzenlinux: yes of course21:40
prpplaguezenlinux: i think you will be surprised at the number of folks who try to do it themselves21:40
mranostayesp if people want to cheapen the BOM21:40
prpplaguezenlinux: we got a batch of RMA's today for the beaglebone white that we tracked down to a hobbyist in ohio, making them himself21:41
zenlinuxthat's gotta be annoying21:41
mranostayprpplague: not the engineers i know in Ohio right? :P21:41
Vaizkiname & shame :D21:41
zenlinux(to get RMAs you didn't manufacture)21:41
mranostayprpplague: was he selling it as beaglebones?21:42
prpplaguemranostay: seems so21:43
Vaizkidoes it have the BB logo on it?21:44
calculusor the circuitco stamp of approval21:44
zenlinuxprpplague, the ASSY and FAB pdfs, are those the assembly guides?21:45
prpplague<prpplague> zenlinux: there should be two PDF's there as well21:46
prpplague<prpplague> zenlinux: one is a "fabrication" document21:46
prpplague<prpplague> zenlinux: this gives the pcb manufacturer information about how to make the pcb21:46
prpplaguezenlinux: the assembly document is a guide for putting the components on the pcb21:46
* mranostay remembers how annoying the cat is when he works from home21:46
zenlinuxprpplague, take a look, I think I've got everything uploaded now: http://www.minnowboard.org/technical-features/21:52
prpplaguezenlinux: looks good, maybe add a link at the top to jump to the files21:56
Vaizkibtw why did you choose that expansion connector?21:56
mranostayVaizki: hi speed differential signaling likely21:57
zenlinuxPCIe, basically21:59
Vaizkiyea sure but still .. that's got to be a right pain in the ass to solder by hand onto an expansion board proto21:59
zenlinuxI think that's a valid point. In retrospect I also wish we had made the low speed I/O accessible on the mainboard itself (I2C & SPI)22:00
Vaizkimaybe you can cook up an inexpensive breakout for it22:01
prpplagueVaizki: yea it is22:01
prpplagueVaizki: we have 8 gpios on the top side that are 0.1"22:02
prpplagueVaizki: so you can use a stock 2x5 idc cable off to another board22:02
prpplagueVaizki: but that is very limiting22:02
prpplagueVaizki: i am looking at doing a small lure that just does the low speed signals out to a 0.1" header22:03
Vaizkiand a sata port22:03
prpplagueVaizki: cco'd probably sell them at or below costs to make it easier for folks to do dev22:03
ka6sox-Alyeskazenlinux, its possible...22:03
prpplagueVaizki: http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:Expansion_Interfaces22:03
prpplagueVaizki: easy to view info on the expansion header22:03
prpplagueVaizki: feedback suggestions are welcome on a low cost lure for that purpose22:04
Vaizkiyou need hotswap lures.. with bait & switch capability ;)22:05
Vaizkisorry. I can't help myself.22:05
mranostayzenlinux: you can bitbang it with the 8 gpios :P22:08
zenlinuxugly, but possible22:09
mranostay90% CPU too :P22:09
prpplagueVaizki: ha good one!22:17
prpplaguezenlinux: we need to make a note that the usb host ports on the minnow are USB2.022:32
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