Wednesday, 2013-08-07

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mranostayzenlinux: btw i have a acpica recipe now.. should i send that to the yocto list?01:04
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zenlinuxmranostay, probably oe-core02:10
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* mranostay yawns14:14
* av500 yarns14:36
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mranostayka6sox-Alyeska: how are the meese today?15:57
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ka6sox-Alyeskathe plural of moose15:59
ka6sox-Alyeskaand I've not seen any....his pal Squirrel is out playing this AM.15:59
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mranostayka6sox-Alyeska: i'm just being a punk.. geez :)16:03
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zenlinuxmorning prpplague - so did yesterday's update include all the design files we planned to release? I'm itching to do a social media announcement if so.16:27
zenlinuxalso prpplague, I have an inquiry from someone asking if we're going to release Eagle files for minnow16:31
mranostayheh was the minnow designed in Eagle?16:35
* mranostay suspects not16:35
mranostayzenlinux: Eagle is more of hobbyists PCB CAD16:38
VaizkiI would guess Orcad16:43
Vaizkibtw all the chip names etc are screwed up in the pdfs16:43
Vaizkior at least were16:43
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zenlinuxVaizki, which pdfs?16:55
zenlinux(have the errors)16:55
prpplaguezenlinux: yes the yesterday;s dump of files is everything we plan to release16:59
prpplaguezenlinux: we did not do the design in eagle. if someone wants eagle files they'll need to create and/or convert them from orcad/allegro16:59
prpplaguezenlinux: there are thirdparty tools for that16:59
prpplaguezenlinux: we do have an eagle library for creating lures17:00
prpplaguezenlinux: which has all of the measurements done so they just need to place their design on he board17:00
prpplagueVaizki: yes those were corrected late yesterday17:00
prpplagueVaizki: orcad did an update on the plugins and seems to have added a new option when generating images17:01
prpplagueVaizki: had to disable that17:01
koen[ ] Unbreak schematic export17:01
prpplaguekoen: pretty much17:04
Vaizkiok nice.. but now.. dinner-time! you can't touch this.17:05
prpplaguezenlinux: think we are going to do a promotional at linuxcon-na , the first 25 people who bring their gizmoboard can exchange it for a minnow free of charge17:19
zenlinuxprpplague, yeah, I think they set the tone of our relationship, didn't they?17:20
* zenlinux has his doubts you'll even find 25 people at LinuxCon NA that own a gizmoboard17:21
zenlinuxit's all shark and no bite17:21
koenzenlinux: mutated sea bass ?17:25
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dm8tbrthe gizmo irc channels were av500 and me for 99% of the time and pure idling17:49
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dm8tbrI think I remember about two people asked questions during the time I've been there (from announcement to last week)17:49
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mranostaywhat is a gizmoboard?18:29
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prpplaguemranostay: ping18:48
mranostayprpplague: pong18:53
prpplaguemranostay: question18:53
prpplaguemranostay: see /msg18:55
calculusomg, the gizmoboard has a 64-bit processor19:21
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prpplaguezenlinux: ping20:05
mharschis the procedure for submitting pull requests against minnow sources documented somewhere?20:13
prpplaguemharsch: well for angstrom stuff it is the standard procedure listed on the angstrom website20:17
prpplaguemharsch: for yocto, there is some docs on the yocto-project website20:17
prpplaguemharsch: for minnow bsp, you'd need to sync up with dvhart20:18
mharschprpplague: ok, I'll sync with dvhart20:19
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zenlinuxprpplague, back from a late lunch. how goes?20:47
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prpplaguezenlinux: good21:21
prpplaguezenlinux: can you get those jumper descriptions up on
prpplaguezenlinux: also a couple notes on the technical matrix21:22
prpplaguezenlinux: might want to list the USB host ports as USB2.021:22
prpplaguezenlinux: and list that we have a +5v header for powering a sata hd21:23
zenlinuxprpplague, do you think the jumper descriptions belong on the official website? Maybe we should have a wiki page for them and I can just link to that from the technical specs page.21:24
prpplaguezenlinux: that's fine too21:26
prpplaguezenlinux: maybe get jayneil to add it to the wiki21:26
prpplaguezenlinux: i sent another response on how to locate the board revision along with a picture21:32
prpplaguezenlinux: that might be good to place up on the wiki as well21:33
zenlinuxagreed. there will be a lot of wiki activity as we start answering questions like this21:33
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patrikprpplague, you work at circuitco right? May I ask how many production lines you have?22:40
patrikJust asking cause I used to work at a surface mount facility at Ericsson22:43
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prpplaguepatrik: we have two full juki lines23:08
prpplaguepatrik: and a selective solder23:08
prpplaguepatrik: we are adding another two lines in the spring23:08
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patrikprpplague, nice, that would increase volume quite a lot. We had 7-8 samsung lines but some of them where joined on component heavy boards23:14
patrikcan't really say I liked those machines though, think they where running windows 98 or something ;)23:19
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