Thursday, 2013-08-08

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leth_devhas anyone booted off of a USB drive?00:16
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kierankdo motherboards in general not provide 12V SATA power?00:49
sauerkrausein general, isn't that the psu's job?00:51
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prpplaguekierank: yea that is generally the responsibilty of the power supply00:55
kierankthat's true but I was thinking more of motherboards for portable machines where the psu comes from the board00:55
kieranki mean sata power cocmes from the board00:55
sauerkrausethere's eSATAp00:55
prpplaguekierank: because most laptop batteries are 11.7V or less than 12V, they are designed to have devices that use less than that, i.e. +5v , that way they don't have to boost the voltage, only drop it00:55
sauerkrausebut that's not too common, and the enclosures supporting that are much rarer with usb 3.0 existing nowadays00:56
prpplaguekierank: which means that most HD's that are in laptops are support only +5V for sata drives00:56
prpplaguekierank: this also ties into the fact that USB only provides +5V00:56
prpplaguekierank: so most 2.5" laptop HD's also try to stay under 500mA current so that they can operate from a single USB port00:57
kieranki think i might have to try and split the 12V from the fan controller to try and power a pci card on this lenovo tiny pc00:57
kieranki was hoping to do that with the sata connector on the board but i am not sure it will have 12V. we'll see when it arrives this week00:58
prpplaguekierank: sata specification does not call out for power supply levels, only for the data interchange00:58
prpplaguekierank: the sata connector spec does have support for several voltages, but it isn't up to the sata spec to provide them00:58
prpplaguekierank: no sata connector has power00:58
kieranki mean the sata power connector00:59
prpplaguekierank: ahh00:59
prpplaguekierank: well one way is to check it with a multimeter00:59
kieranki'll do that when it arrives tomorrow00:59
kierankthe board looks like:
kierankand I have a mini pcie to pci adapter00:59
prpplagueyea hard to tell01:00
kieranki greatly look forward to the day when minnowboard has a haswell01:00
prpplaguekierank: what kind pcie card are you trying to run?01:00
kieranka 1x sdi (video capture) card01:00
kieranki've connected it via mini pcie to pcie adaptor to my laptop before but i fed the 12v separately01:01
prpplaguekierank: most likely that card does not use 12V directly, it probably has voltage regulator dropping it down to 3.3v01:01
prpplaguekierank: so you could hack it pretty easy01:01
* prpplague goes to do some errands, bbiab01:02
kierankthanks for the info01:02
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av500kierank: :)07:26
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IoGAHi guys. As far as I see, the minnowboard have only SATA data connector on the board itself, and there's no SATA power connector. So, how would I power the SATA drive I'll connect to the board?07:29
dm8tbrIoGA: check the mailing list. one of the jumpers is designated as 5V supply for a 2.5" drive07:31
IoGAdm8tbr: yeah, I've read in the docs that one of the pins can provide 5V. But I'm rather interested in a ready-to-use solution for that problem, like, for example, some 3rd-party cable I could use. Can't find anything about that in mailing list as well.07:43
dm8tbrum, developer board. some assembly required. I consider fashioning a cable easy, especially if you just take two cables and join them in the middle.07:46
das_plagueIoGA: yes there is a +5V header on the board to power an external HD07:46
dm8tbrbut maybe das_plague will tell us if CCO will offer a readymade cable07:47
av500well, people buy $15 sd cards with linux "preinstalled", they might buy my $30 SATA power cable too07:48
av500it's a real monster07:48
das_plaguedm8tbr: you can use an off the shelf cable to do the trick, it's a floppy drive power split cable07:48
das_plaguedm8tbr: plugs right into the 4 pin header07:48
av500das_plague: you are killing my business!!!07:48
dm8tbrI sort of expected such ingenuity from das_plague  :)07:48
das_plagueIoGA: you can see the validation test there are 2:10 which plugs into the 4 pin header to power the external 2.5" sata hd07:49
av500lets get this viral!07:50
das_plagueIoGA: do you have an old ATX power supply? if so you can just cut what you need right off the end07:50
das_plagueIoGA: this is available at most PC shops07:51
av500but these are not shielded07:52
av500what about storing my FLAC on the HDD?07:53
das_plagueav500: no trolling tonight please07:53
das_plagueav500: yep after 10:30am CDT07:53
av500I fell off a bike, so I might not function 100% today07:54
das_plagueav500: that must have been a very long way to fall07:54
* das_plague makes tall jokes for av500 07:54
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* prpplague has terrible insomnia07:55
av500have a beer07:55
dm8tbralso valerianae radix extract in combination with hops extract is good and natural stuff07:56
* dm8tbr uses that when he can't sleep07:57
prpplagueav500: i've been trying to loose some weight so ive been working out and cutting back on my beer, which leads to massive insonmia for me08:00
prpplaguei do get a lot of work done up until i start getting dog tired08:02
prpplaguelike right now08:02
prpplagueat 3am08:02
IoGAdas_plague: so, to clear it up, I need a cable from floppy power to molex, and from molex to sata power, correct?08:03
dm8tbrIoGA: it's just that Y-cable08:05
dm8tbryou can tape over the 'lower' end connector08:05
prpplagueIoGA: or any combination of that08:07
prpplagueIoGA: if you are just trying to use off the shelf stuff08:07
IoGAi see. thanks a lot guys!08:08
prpplagueIoGA: ill try to document that on the wiki in the next few days with some photos and info08:09
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* aholler_ got reminded at the problems with 3 cables for a serial10:48
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mranostayhmmm do most x86 motherboards do console serial redirect these days?16:36
prpplaguemranostay: no, usually you will only find that on "server" targeted MBs16:41
prpplaguemranostay: i haven't seen it supported on anything other than rack servers16:41
prpplaguemranostay: but then i don't do a lot of x816:42
ahollerredirected to whom? ;)16:43
mranostayprpplague: yeah i recall that16:45
* mranostay just ordered some parts for a build server16:45
prpplaguemranostay: seems like it is just a module that wold be available in the bios/efi16:45
prpplaguemranostay: i need to learn more about uefi16:45
prpplaguemaybe plan to attend a plugfest16:45
mranostaydon't have a monitor and really don't want to get one16:45
mranostayprpplague: of course those server mobos cost more than a monitor :P16:50
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VaizkiI think most server boards do console redirect to IPMI serial over lan19:54
Vaizkinow that's an unapproachable and hostile spec if I might say19:54
VaizkiI work mainly with x86 servers that have no gfx cards..19:57
ahollerVaizki: I meant that whom more in regard to organization/country ;)20:04
Vaizkiwhat are we talking about? :)20:11
Vaizkioh. that.20:11
mranostaybah ordering a GPU and cheap monitor20:17
mranostayneed a GPU to do HDR rendering anyway :P20:17
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VaizkiI have a 5" greyscale VGA monitor.. somewhere...20:29
Vaizkiit used to be the KING of portable pc consoles ;)20:29
VaizkiI should throw crap away.. :P20:31
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mranostayhi bluelightning22:07
zenlinuxprpplague, do you know if we're shipping international power adapters with any Minnows? Note Andrey's post to the ML.22:26
bluelightninghi mranostay22:38
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mranostaydvhart: btw there is a acpica recipe in the meta-linaro layer23:00
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dvhartmranostay, thanks23:01
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mranostaydvhart: so how often does a UEFI update go bad?23:18
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mranostaywell be that way :P23:19
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