Saturday, 2013-08-10

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ka6sox-Alyeskazenlinux_, file or files is the URL?00:47
zenlinux_ka6sox-Alyeska, files00:47
zenlinux_I think the subdomain was created but it wasn't pointed to the right ip00:48
ka6sox-Alyeskathat is what I'm seeing00:48
zenlinux_guess we'll have to revisit it on monday00:48
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zenlinux__prpplague, saw it02:02
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mranostayhi bluelightning09:12
bluelightninghi mranostay09:13
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Wraithanmranosta1: yeah, I plan on getting a bbb as well17:27
Wraithanmranosta1: (sorry missed your message yesterday17:27
* mranosta1 wakes up17:38
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