Monday, 2013-08-12

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patrikAre the top 2 pins of J4 +5V and GND?13:58
mranostaypatrik: yes14:24
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mharschmranostay: what's the bottom pin?14:35
mranostaymiddle two are GND14:35
mranostayif onlt the schematics were on the website :)14:36
mharschso, ok to hook up the 12v lead from a sata power connector to pin 4?14:36
prpplaguemharsch: yea14:38
prpplaguemharsch: not really used, but it's there for you to place the wire14:39
mharschprpplague: got it.  thx.14:39
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mranostaydas_plague: had a doh moment this weekend forgetting that 3.5 drives are 12v14:41
koenmranostay: have you tried using an RTC battery yet?14:44
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koenmranostay: I installed the battery, but it doesn't keep time15:25
mharschdoes anyone know if there is a mirror of
mharschit's been down for at least a week.15:26
koenmranostay: ?15:27
koenmharsch: ?15:28
koenthat's where powertop moved to15:28
mharschkoen: ok, thanks.  Was there other content on besides powertop?  I'm new to ACPI on linux; looking to ramp up.15:30
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Jayneilzenlinux: ping15:45
zenlinuxgood morning Jayneil15:46
Jayneilgood morning.. kudos for getting your talk selected for ELCE!15:46
zenlinuxthanks, it should be a fun talk15:47
zenlinuxpeople love robots15:47
Jayneilyes they do...15:47
JayneilI got the minnow wiki on the new theme/format..15:47
Jayneilshould make navigation easier and also removes redundant info from the guides.. so updating them will be much easier now..15:48
Jayneillet me know your thoughts on it..15:48
zenlinuxjust taking a quick look now, I think this is an improvement15:49
zenlinuxah, *finally* Newark corrected their price15:52
JayneilThe video is still in works.. A bit behind on that, I know.. sorry.. will try to get it finished asap...15:54
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* Jayneil heads off to get a haircut....16:00
* mranostay keeps Jayneil's seat16:01
prpplaguemranostay: looks like the silkscreen for the rtc battery polarity is incorrect, we'll need to update that16:02
mranostayno magic smoke?16:02
prpplagueno magic smoke, just won't work16:09
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prpplaguezenlinux: hey, the silkscreen for the rtc battery polarity is incorrect, we'll need to add that to the know issues for Rev A and Rev A1 boards16:15
zenlinuxdang, I assume no damage can be done by inserting the battery backwards?16:15
zenlinuxprpplague, nice article - but it's not really about open hardware boards, is it?16:16
mranostayzenlinux: open hardware doesn't exist :P16:16
zenlinuxso much confusion on this even from people who should know better16:16
prpplaguezenlinux: no damage is done16:16
prpplaguezenlinux: yea, just pointing out a couple of items16:17
zenlinuxprpplague, ok, good. can we have jayneil document it somewhere, and send an announcement out to the ML?16:17
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe A) three of them are made by circuitco16:17
prpplaguezenlinux: B) no mention of gizmo, hehe16:17
zenlinuxJayneil, from the looks of things, you kept the original long-form getting started guides on the wiki. Since those are now techincally depreciated, I will update those links on the web site.16:28
zenlinuxer, deprecated16:28
prpplaguezenlinux: did you get the OHS Supporter logo up on the main page?16:29
zenlinuxprpplague, not yet, it's on my todo for today16:30
dm8tbrwell, when it comes to wikis you could actually speak of depreciation... I'd expect it to be exponential.16:32
Jayneilzenlinux: Yes, I don't have the admin privileges to delete the old pages on elinux. Thanks for updating the links :-) .. I have added the silkscreen issue to the MinnowBoard faq..16:33
* zenlinux -> office16:49
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prpplagueJayneil: what page needs to be deleted?16:49
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prpplaguemranostay: did you want to review the schematics for the mPCIe/mSATA lure?18:22
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Jayneilprpplague: Following pages need to be deleted:18:24
mranostayprpplague: yeah18:24
prpplagueJayneil: done18:26
prpplaguemranostay: ok, i'll forward it18:26
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Jayneilprpplague: Thanks :-)18:26
mranostayprpplague: gmail?18:27
prpplaguemranostay: i can if you want18:28
prpplaguenothing sekrit about it18:28
koenprpplague: looking at the battery clip I really don't understand how I ever though butting it in backwards was the right way18:40
koenprpplague: I'll test tomorrow, provided the batteries didn't short out in the previous position18:40
* koen puts on dunce cap and goes to stand in the corner18:40
prpplaguekoen: the diode should protect it18:40
prpplaguekoen: so there shouldn't be any damage18:40
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zenlinuxyay diodes!19:33
mranostayyay diodes when voltage drop doesn't matter :P19:36
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mranostayprpplague: quick flipthrough looks okay20:33
prpplaguemranostay: dandy20:34
prpplaguemranostay: i cleaned up excessive test points20:34
prpplaguemranostay: and tweaked a few items20:34
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patrikHmmm, I hooked up a 2.5" SATA disc which seems to spin up fine but when I connect the SATA data cable the Minnow doesn't boot properly. The screen stays black...22:42
patrikSeems it used too much power. Unplugging the usb keyboard helped22:44
mranostaypatrik: what is the amp rating on your wall watt?22:50
patrikmranostay, it's the stock one with a eu connector converter22:51
patrikit's wierd because the disk usually doesn't spin up properly if there isn't enough power22:51
mranostaypatrik: ok sorry what does it say though? :)22:53
* mranostay is in the US and didn't get any 'standard' one with his CCO sample22:54
patrikIt says 5V at 2.5A so 12.5W maximum output22:56
mranostayhmmm what does the hard drive say it pulls?22:58
mranostayshould be on the sticker on the face22:59
patrik0.55A so 2.75W23:01
patrikLet me get out the multimeter to check the resistance of my cable. I might have done a poor job with the wiring23:03
mranostaypatrik: yeah of course that doesn't mean the pin can source that amount of current..23:04
patrikLooks like it's 0.9-1.0 Ohm but cannot find a really good probe point on the HDD23:07
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mranostaynot sure there is shunt resistor on the minnow either23:10
patrikSeems to be booting fine every time now, probably just a bad cable23:15
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zenlinuxman, that was some nasty traffic23:19
mranostayzenlinux: did we test SATA btw?23:20
zenlinuxcontext, please23:21
mranostayheh how much current can the pin on J4 source?23:21
zenlinuxshould be enough to power a laptop HD23:22
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