Tuesday, 2013-08-13

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zenlinuxprpplague, the OHS supporter badge is now up on the home page01:57
prpplaguezenlinux: dandy02:05
prpplaguezenlinux: looks good02:06
mranostayprpplague: minnow has no shunt resistor right?03:05
prpplaguemranostay: no03:13
mranostayfigured that03:13
prpplaguemranostay: the main rails have current sense resistors that can be used for power measurement tests03:13
prpplaguemranostay: there is a diode footprint, that is shorted across03:13
prpplaguemranostay: you can cut the trace and add a nice shut resistor03:14
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mranostayprpplague: 0602 package?03:18
prpplaguemranostay: i'd have to look, but it is mostly 121003:19
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ka6soxmranostay, I would hope they are 1210's even if they are just shunt resistors for measurement.05:43
mranostayka6sox: yeah think back i was stupid thing it was 0602 :)06:21
mranostayka6sox: how are the meese?06:25
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patrikThere's some oddities with EMGD when booting Angstrom v2012.1214:54
patrikEMGD doesn't parse EDID properly and for every resolution I try to set I get a pitch of 0 so nothing works14:54
patrikNot a big problem since I've installed my own debian based image now to play with gma500 but just wanted you guys to know14:55
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* mranostay backstrokes in16:32
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mranostaymorning davest + Jayneil17:34
Jayneilmranostay: Morning!17:36
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zenlinuxok, PDFs and hw design files are now hosted and linked to from a much faster file server17:52
dvhartzenlinux, nice!17:57
zenlinuxthanks to ka6sox, we now have some file space on OSUSL's server I'm using17:58
ka6soxyes, we have a server @ OSUOSL that nas-admin.org maintains :)17:59
ka6soxthe webOS internal and ports project obtained some hardware :)17:59
ka6soxthis would run nice on a minnow18:02
neofobhas anyone used minnowboard with a hard drive enclosure with more than one drive18:18
neofobin other words, does minnowboard support port-multiplier for sata?18:18
dvhartneofob, I don't know, I've never looked into them. A quick google doesn't clear up what sort of requirements there might be on the controller.18:22
dvhartneofob, do you have any more detail on what might be required?18:22
dvhartneofob, the hardware supports it per the eg20t datasheet (available on the website), section 7.1 SATA/Overview:18:32
dvhart"Supports Port Multiplier with command-based switching"18:32
dvhartNo FIS as far as I can tell18:32
prpplagueneofob: http://www.elinux.org/Minnowboard:FAQ#2._Does_the_MinnowBoard_support_SATA_port_multiplier_functions.3F18:34
dvhartprpplague, hah, or that ;-)18:35
dvhartI was just looking through the Linux kernel driver to see18:35
dvhartThat would be worth a bug opened against the BSP18:36
dvhartneofob, would you be willing to open one at bugzilla.yoctoproject.org, bsps, minnowboard?18:36
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calculushttp://www.elinux.org/Minnowboard:Hardware_Revisions isn't there also A1 and should the silkscreen battery issue be listed?18:56
ka6soxseems like a good place for a bug tracker...19:07
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neofobdvhart: i dont have access to a minnowboard so i dont know for sure whether it works in real life19:20
neofobthe hd external enclosure is ProBox 4Bay on amazon: http://amzn.to/M120lJ19:20
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neofobthe website says no "software support" what does it mean? no linux kernel support?19:22
neofobfor SATA port multiplier19:23
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Jayneilcalculus: Thanks for pointing that out.. Taken care of. :-)19:34
prpplagueneofob: no linux support for the specific controller functions19:36
prpplagueneofob: i am still researching it now19:36
prpplagueneofob: there are suppose to be some patchsets available, but it has been a low priority item19:37
neofobprpplague: my experience with the CuBox is that all you need to to check that port multiplier support in linux kernel config19:37
prpplagueneofob: that is an upper level driver, you also need to provide the lower level interface driver for the specific controller you are working with19:38
prpplagueneofob: in this case it is driven via the EG20T hub chip19:38
prpplagueneofob: it _may_ be as simple as telling the upper level driver that it is a stock driver, or it may require some specific coding19:39
neofobok, i just wonder if you guys have tried it and whether it works with the "stock" kernel19:39
neofobi'm interested in getting one so...19:40
neofobif the kernel is compiled with CONFIG_SATA_PMP=y then we should be ready to roll19:41
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prpplagueneofob: yea, it's been low priority for testing as it wasn;t part of our original spec19:48
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