Wednesday, 2013-08-14

mranostayzenlinux: btw JTAG support.. any configs for like OpenOCD supported devices been posted? :)00:11
zenlinuxmranostay, if you have a board with a jtag connector, it's a pre-production version00:11
mranostayzenlinux: just unpopulated on the production ones right?00:15
mranostayzenlinux: standard JTAG or does Intel have some weirdo version of it? :)00:16
* mranostay notes x86 and JTAG usually don't go in the same sentence00:16
zenlinuxmranostay, it's all bound up with Intel IP regarding chip design, hence what you have to pay for in jtag debuggers is mostly due to the licensing costs00:18
zenlinuxI guess the Intel JTAG connection is called ITP?00:19
zenlinux(someone correct me if I'm wrong)00:20
mranostayzenlinux: so $$$$ basically :)00:21
zenlinuxI believe so00:23
* zenlinux goes into vacation mode for the rest of the week00:23
mranostayhave fun00:24
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wmaroneheheh yes the intel ITP debuggers are pricy01:24
prpplaguezenlinux: yea ITP which no one has heard of, hehe01:25
prpplaguezenlinux: i have an adapter made for the flyswatter201:25
prpplaguezenlinux: but i need some more info to get the software working01:25
wmaroneprpplague: if you do I'm going to shake my head at the Arium unit I have >.>01:25
prpplaguewmarone: i am sorry i did not understand your statement01:26
wmaroneprpplague: the price difference between a Flyswatter2 and an Arium ITP debugger01:26
prpplaguewmarone: ahh01:26
prpplaguewmarone: yea, F2 is my baby, but it has always been targeted at arm01:27
prpplaguewmarone: with openocd support01:27
prpplaguewmarone: trying to convince the intel folks to support it with their tools01:27
wmaronewe use a bunch for arm and tensilica stuff01:27
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mranostayprpplague: heh ITP in openocd would be kickass :P02:49
* mranostay checks for a HR bot02:49
prpplaguemranostay: openocd will identify the taps02:49
prpplaguemranostay: but it looks there is a jtag router present02:50
mranostaytop secret firmware i get it02:51
mranostayer why does my github say i have a project in perl..02:53
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calculusbecause you like camels07:08
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BurtyBnothing wrong with camels!10:15
koenafrican or asian?10:30
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mranostaycalculus: maybe camel smokes when i was a teen16:11
mranostaythat is the limit of my camel or perl knowledge16:11
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NullMoogleCableHi my name is moogle, and im a alco... err and I just ordered a minowboard :)16:50
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calculusmranostay: in your teens, was that last year :P16:58
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mranostaycalculus: i'm 27 thank you :)17:28
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ka6soxmranostay, we have to find someone younger and more of a pincushion for you to stop being so...17:43
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mranostayka6sox: shouldn't be too hard now17:46
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mranostaydas_plague: aye it is the das plaque er plague19:47
prpplaguemranostay: boss lady says we are having network connection issues at home...19:48
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mranostaydavest1: poke20:17
mranostayare writing that SD card within  a vm?20:18
mranostayah nm20:19
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mranostayJayneil: so what is the default write block size for dd?20:47
mranostayouch ouch20:55
davest1mranostay: sorry for the late response21:19
davest1mranostay: but it sounds like you got your answer.21:20
patrik32bit + grub2 + uefi is gonna cause problems for people, so how about adding (To Ångström) some grub2 detection for stuff you put on your USB-stick / SATA devices?21:21
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patrikThere tends to be a dislike from distros to ship 32bit uefi bootable images21:24
sauerkrausebecause really what machines other than the very first mactels were 32-bit UEFI?21:30
mranostaybecause UEFI 32-bit is a rare thing21:30
mranostaydoesn't make sense for them to waste resources for the  three devices that do this :)21:31
patrikMinnow is one of them ;)21:33
mranostayyes i'm well aware of that21:37
mranostaymy point is Ubuntu doesn't care :)21:38
patrikMaybe it's too much hand holding but using Ångström on the SD to chainload the HDD or USB-stick in an easy manner might save you some trouble21:38
patrikyeah, and I agree, they shouldn't21:38
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