Thursday, 2013-08-15

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Chris___does anyone know if an x86 debian install will work on the minnowboard?01:15
prpplagueChris___: it needs a 32-bit uefi bootloader, but yes01:15
prpplagueChris___: we are getting docs posted asap on how to do that01:15
Chris___the docs would be very helpful!01:16
Chris___according to the debian site ->for the first time, Debian supports installation and booting using UEFI for new 64-bit PCs (amd64)01:19
Chris___bummer not 32 bit01:19
prpplagueChris___: right, which is why you have to change out the UEFI boot file01:21
Chris___according to this article and comments things dont look promising for minnowboard working with too many OS versions ->
prpplagueChris___: like i said, none of the main vendors are going to ship 32-bit uefi, but all it takes is to replace the 64-bit UEFI file on the boot media with the 32-bit one01:36
prpplagueChris___: nothing fancy or difficult01:36
Chris___cool. its not something ive done before but docs will be great01:37
prpplagueChris___: like i said, it01:38
Chris___it looks like a debian wheezy 32 bit i386 iso can be found here ->
prpplagueChris___: like i said, its basically just copying over the old file01:38
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aceif the minnowboard uefi firmware open source ?04:33
prpplagueace: core portions are04:34
prpplagueace: there are some "binary firmware blobs" that are the microcode for init04:34
acemeans i can not get a complete source code ?04:35
prpplagueace: basically it's just the memory init04:35
prpplagueace: at it's more for safety than anything else04:35
prpplagueace: since you can easily brick the device04:35
prpplagueace: basically 99%04:35
prpplagueace: similar that of things such as wifi modules and video codecs04:36
prpplagueace: you have a small section of firmware that is closed04:36
acei just wanner learn the source code04:36
prpplagueace: to do what?04:37
acecan i find a bootable project under UDK2010?04:37
aceI'm a bios engineer, and only has experience about ami's code04:37
prpplagueace: ahh04:37
prpplagueace: the EDK for the minnow is in the link i sent you04:38
aceso wanner learn about a UDK based code04:38
prpplagueace: UDK2010 is an older version of the source code, as i understand it04:38
prpplagueace: even the older UDK2010 does not provide 100% of the source04:38
ace???? isn't UDK2010 a stable version of EDKII?04:38
acethe link only has a bin file, i want some source code04:39
prpplagueace: the bin file is use in conjunction with EDKII04:39
aceOK, i see04:41
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* mranostay stabs busybox with a rusty nail 05:42
aholleroh, I could apply for the kernel summit as hobbyist ;)05:47
mranostaynew orleans is effing hot in september05:48
ahollerthat is in edinburgh05:48
ahollerin october, so likely dancing in the rain ;)05:49
ahollerI could write "I could bring some insults with me and the idea for more insults to people which don't n know the kernel's git-history of the last 10 years" ;)05:56
* mranostay trolls through some ARM docs05:59
ahollerdidn't you've changed borders?05:59
mranostayaholler: git hasn't been aroudn 10 years :)05:59
mranostayaholler: personal projects :)06:00
VaizkiI should look at this git thing you speak of some day .. ;)06:00
mranostayunless minnow has a pru i don't know about06:00
ahollermranostay: ok, almost, the first commit is 200506:01
mranostayaholler: i play all sides of the field :)06:04
mranostaywas ARM now x86 maybe in a few years MIPS who knows :)06:05
ahollerpas de problems06:05
ahollerit will be cloud-chips, no hw anymore for the kids, besides a display ;)06:05
mranostayloyality is for the stupid imho :)06:06
ahollerkeeping the mind open is important06:07
ahollerand you could check out xscale06:08
ahollerI don't know if that still is alive06:09
mranostaymarvell brought that from intel years ago06:10
ahollerah, so it's an ancestor of the marvell socs.06:11
ahollerI'm still happy with my kirkwoods, they just work and are mainlined ;)06:13
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ahollerhmm, greg did a night shift ;)07:05
av500what did he shift?07:38
ahollerand 3.0.y and 3.4.y07:41
aholleri think the later is used by android-people, isn't it?07:42
aholleralready 6 versions difference, astonishing, and debian is 8 versions behind.07:43
av500latest android is 3.407:45
av500you make it sound as if 6 version difference is a bad thing07:45
ahollera graph about the differences in versions used by distros and the mainline would be nice07:45
av500one PC here runs XP07:45
ahollerav500: not really07:45
av500the other runs 2.6.27 :)07:45
av500do I care?07:45
Vaizkinothing wrong with 2.6.2707:46
ahollerdepends on what you want to do. for debian I think the missing namespace stuff isn't that good.07:47
ahollerbesides that I assume you actually don't use devices with 2.6 still yourself ;)07:55
ahollertranslated it means you don't care for others ;)07:59
ahollerdevice sold, done ;)08:00
aholler(it's sarcasm)08:01
aholleror more apropriate cynicism08:03
ahollerI'm aware that it's impossible to provide uptodate kernel support for device manufacturers08:05
av500aholler: 2.6.27 is my desktop PC :)08:22
aholleromg, really?08:23
ahollerI'm usually forced to switch through new hw.08:29
ahollerbesides that writing sw often needs up2date sw too08:31
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av500aholler: its suse 11.108:45
av500and I did not update it since I could compile all our product for a few years back08:45
av500I'm gonna update next week :)08:45
ahollerhmm, gcc 4,x I assume08:46
av500not just gcc08:46
av500the target gcc is unrelated08:46
av500but its stuff like old buildroots that break with new stuff08:47
av500basically, all linux SW is in lockstep08:47
av500you cannot expect old stuff to keep working08:47
av500unlike XP08:47
ahollernot just linux sw.08:47
av500I can download stuff today and run on XP08:48
ahollerxp is dead too and no furutur in sight. sw-peopele there have a lot of problems too08:48
av500still it's mostly backwards compatible08:49
av500on windows, SW people cannot tell users to just upgrade08:49
ahollerthey tell buy new ;)08:50
aholleranyway, the future is dark08:51
av500the future is green08:51
av500and holo themed :)08:51
ahollerthe next nail on the coffin will be compilers which are only available online ;)08:55
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dm8tbrgood moaning10:56
* dm8tbr waves from'strandbad flottwedel'10:57
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koendm8tbr: not ballerman 6 ?11:38
dm8tbrkoen: omg nooo. amateur radio fieldday near celle, germany.11:40
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ahollerbtw., speaking of old kernels, the lego ev3 comes with 2.6.33-rcWhatever ;)16:01
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ahollerisn't psp still at 2.32? ;)16:11
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mranostay2.6.32.. christ isn't that like 2009?17:29
wmaroneancient and creaky17:32
mranostayi think it may even be older than ka6sox17:34
ahollerthe community will fix it17:48
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VaizkiI run some ancient kernels...18:28
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Vaizki2.4.17 on one it seens18:30
VaizkiNice and stable!18:31
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mranostayVaizki: that belongs in a musuem!18:46
* mranostay puts on fedora and steal's Vaizki desktop18:46
VaizkiIt's not a desktop but a firewall :)18:57
mranostaywhy did i do "steal's"19:40
ahollerI like to call such old kernels victims :)19:56
ahollerI don"t think it"s still safe to run them.19:59
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