Monday, 2013-08-19

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* zenlinux_ takes a few deep breaths before opening his email14:47
zenlinux_das_plague, have you seen this?
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_av500_zenlinux_: its that open deck shipping from Shenzhen15:02
_av500_better throw a tarp over it...15:03
neofobminnowboard is manufactured in Texas, iirc15:03
zenlinux_neofob is correct15:12
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Jayneilzenlinux: ping17:39
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zenlinuxgood morning Jayneil!17:49
Jayneilzenlinux: Good morning.. Did you get a chance to see the videos..?17:50
zenlinuxJayneil, not yet. The 3 days of vacation I took last week means I have 4 days of work to do today. ;)17:50
zenlinuxI will check it out soon, though.17:50
Jayneilzenlinux: Ok. no problem :-)17:51
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* zenlinux is on Day Six without any caffeine20:20
mranostayzenlinux: yeah rough isn't it?20:21
* mranostay needs to do the stop coffee thing as well20:21
zenlinuxactually, it's been surprisingly easy20:22
zenlinuxmight have had a mild headache the first night20:22
zenlinuxother than that, feel no different20:22
Jayneilzenlinux: Btw I think this is why Sasa might not have replied back regarding the MinnowBoard20:35
zenlinuxJayneil, wow, good for him!20:36
xnoxI've plugged in monitor to hdmi port, but there is no gui.21:05
xnox$ startx gives me no screens found.21:05
xnoxi have console login which is ok, but I wished there'd be more than that =)21:05
dvhartxnox, I have had the occasional monitor that requires the resolution to be specified21:06
dvhartxnox, what is the res of the monitor?21:06
xnoxdvhart: hello dvhart =) i got my board now, only booting stock image at the moment. But will be putting Ubuntu Core on it in a moment.21:07
dvhartxnox, oh, it's you :-) excellent21:07
xnoxdvhart: normal 22" 1920x1080 full HD screen.21:07
dvhartI owe you an update on the EMGD bits21:07
xnoxhdmi -> dvi -> monitor =)21:07
dvhartxnox, hrm.... I'd expect that to work out of the box21:08
dvhartbut, you might try adding a Mode section to xorg.conf (I know, how 1995)21:08
dvhartI have to do that for an 800x480 little 7" display I use21:08
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xnoxrebooting worked21:09
xnoxwell I get boot messages & grub =)21:10
xnoxi honestly forgot how gnome2 looks =) wow21:11
dvhartxnox, please keep us posted on the monitor issues. If you are hitting some kind of EDID signaling problem we will want to know about it.21:14
xnox$ man init21:14
xnox$ sh: man: command not fount21:14
xnoxs/fount/found/ =(21:14
dvhartheh, I'm sure there is an Angstrom package for that21:15
dvhartkoen, ?21:16
dvhartxnox, keep in mind that the Angstrom image is meant to be an example and one of the motivations for the MinnowBoard was to provide an x86 development board for the YoctoProject where you build a customized kernel and rootfs for your system/application21:16
dvhartxnox, so basically not intended to be a general purpose desktop system21:17
dvhart(but yes, the lack of man pages does strike me as odd, will see what koen's thoughts are on that)21:17
xnoxdvhart: sure. I'm pondering now how to approach making Ubuntu Core image. Replace kernel on the angstrom image with ubuntu kernel and test, or use angstrom's kernel and ubuntu chroot....21:19
* xnox goes to tinker21:19
dvhartxnox, the default Ubuntu kernel has the key CONFIG bits (CONFIG_EFI) even for 32b21:20
dvhartso you should be able to boot relatively easily21:20
dvhartYou'll just need a 32b EFI boot loader, which you can snatch from the Angstrom EFI partition21:20
dvhartalong with the grub.cfg to start with21:20
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dvhartBut if you want networking, you'll need my patches or the packaged kernel.21:21
xnoxdvhart: well I did pull your patches into 3.11 tree locally and did a rebuild. might need to rebase on a new ubuntu upload though.21:22
dvhartOh nice, did you also pull in the EMGD driver?21:22
xnoxdvhart: no, I did not. where can I pull EMGD driver from?21:23
dvhartI believe there is some forward porting required of the source wrapper from 3.8 to 3.11. We will do this at some point, but it isn't done yet. If you want to poke at it, you can start with our 3.8 branch and merge that into your tree:21:23
dvhartAnd that requires the binary download you already found21:24
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