Wednesday, 2013-08-21

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zenlinuxgood morning16:02
* zenlinux gives emgd an icy cold stare over the edid issue16:02
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe16:03
_av500_EDID is a dish best served ignored16:04
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe need one of my dvi debugger boards? hehe16:05
prpplaguezenlinux: tincantools takes intel money just as well as any one elses, hehe16:05
zenlinuxprpplague, no, but I do plan to order a flyswatter2 sometime soon16:05
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prpplagueaww man! who keeps letting davest in here?16:11
zenlinuxprpplague, he's just trolling, ignore him ;)16:15
koenzenlinux: the problem with the minnow is that emgd is configured as "when there's no EDID, pick a random built-in mode or use a custom supplied mode"16:17
koenzenlinux: I posted the config that just aborts when there's no EDID16:17
zenlinuxyeah, saw that16:19
zenlinuxwe need to get edid detection fixed in emgd, I'm appalled if it really doesn't work at all16:20
koenI'm not sure where the problem is16:20
koenemgd or efi16:20
koenor something emberassing like missing pullups16:21
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prpplaguekoen: design wise we are able to read all of the edid on my testing16:35
prpplaguekoen: i'll double check the i2c lines for the dvi interface16:36
prpplaguekoen: i captured the full i2c data and it all looked good16:36
prpplaguekoen: yea, just checked, all of the pullups are present, and match the shellbay reference platform implementation16:42
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koenprpplague: ok, that leaves EMGD/EFI16:46
Jayneilzenlinux: Ping16:50
zenlinuxmorning, Jayneil16:50
JayneilFirst of all thanks a lot for the feedback..16:50
JayneilRegarding the font issue, by default the video will play in 240p or 480p.. i think you need to increase the res to 720p to see the font clearly..16:51
Jayneili took this screenshot in 1080p.. it should be similar in 720p..16:51
zenlinuxI think we need to optimize things more for lower resolution viewing, since that's how most people will be watching and trying to follow along w/ the video16:52
JayneilRegarding the debugger issue, I can just clip out the audio and add the new description..16:52
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zenlinuxbtw, just sent you another email with some future project news that you will like16:59
JayneilOh yes. read it. Thanks a lot! Looks very exciting..17:03
JayneilFor the documentation, I think sticking to elinux wiki will be a good idea..17:03
prpplaguezenlinux: email sent17:13
zenlinuxprpplague, appreciate that17:14
zenlinuxI hoping it could be a firmware issue, as we have a chance of fixing that promptly17:14
patrikI can dig some in the EMGD source if you like. Moorestown is a bit special since the gmbus sits on a different pci device and gpio is accessed through LPC18:02
zenlinuxhiya patrik, that would be good if you could trace the edid detection and see if you find anything, given you have a minnowboard18:04
patrikI have one, I'm looking at it now.18:04
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patrikCannot get any debugging info from EMGD. Seems it's "production" compiled so all debugging msgs are turned off :(18:44
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koenprpplague: EMGD has an option to set the i2c address, but I'm not sure the Xorg driver exposed that in xorg.conf19:00
* koen could cut down the user guide a lot by simply stating the differences between windows and linux instead of duplicating the lists19:01
* koen makes a note to try that tomorrow19:02
patrikHave you guys tried any LVDS yet with EMGD? Seems EMGD is looking for regs on pci dev 0:31:0 which isn't available on the minnow. Might be a future issues as well.19:03
patrikkoen, is there a manpage for the xorg driver?19:04
patrikEMGD sdvo doesn't seem to do a ddc bus switch hence no edid is read at all :(19:13
patrikMaybe it's done in userspace or I'm looking at a too old kernel source (1.6) but without the bus switch we cannot get any edid19:15
patrikOoops found the bus switch...19:18
patriklooks ok19:22
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prpplaguepatrik: i am not familiar with the workings of EMGD, but based on the material i have, it is suppose to be able to read the EDID via the SDVO interface19:48
prpplaguepatrik: during my validation testing from the command line , without EMGD, i am able to read EDID data directly from a display device attached to the SIL163219:48
prpplaguepatrik: lvds support is being worked into the firmware now and will be tested with a lvds display lure before release of the new firmware19:49
patrikprpplague, yes the edid over sdvo seems to be there (I was rambling). Without emgd you're relying on the UEFI hooks to handle the encoder which seems to work fine. LVDS with EMGD could be an issue though because of the minnow specific GPIO wiring20:03
patrikDarren can probably help sort that out though20:04
patrikprpplague, I just read Koen's fix on the mailing list and it makes edid parsing work for me as well20:07
prpplaguepatrik: ahh ok, i'll have a look at the list20:12
prpplaguepatrik: the lvds edid configuration on the minnow is not specific to the minnow20:12
prpplaguepatrik: the 5  gpio pins used for lvds enable, backlight enable, backlight pwm, DDC_CLK, and DDC_DAT are "muxed" with internal atom functionality20:13
prpplaguepatrik: as i understand it when EMGD and/or UEFI enables LVDS functionality, the mux for those pins are changed to work for that functionality20:14
patrikprpplague, I'm not sure yet, but from the EMGD source it tries to access GPIOs through LPC on device 0:31:0 which doesn't exist on the minnow20:14
patrikThough I'm not sure I have the same EMGD source as the one you're shipping with20:15
prpplaguepatrik: i think we just dont have the LPC device enabled via EFI at the moment20:16
patrikoh I'm wrong again ;)20:16
patrikI was assuming hex values in the source... stupid me.20:18
patrik00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation Atom Processor E6xx LPC Bridge (rev 02)20:19
* prpplague still learning x86 stuff 20:19
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