Thursday, 2013-08-22

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mranostayprpplague: on purpose?00:37
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zenlinuxkoen, dvhart mentioned something about a service which changes the cpu governor after boot-up, but maybe waits 10 minutes or so after boot. Can you point me to where this is done?17:54
mranostayzenlinux: why 10?17:56
zenlinuxI may be mistaken. But I know the reason the performance governor is used by default is to maximize boot performance.17:57
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mranostayzenlinux: ah it can't be changed?18:27
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NullMoogleCableI just got my minnow board :) fedex in the rain :D19:20
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zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, woot!19:26
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NullMoogleCabledoes the minnow board support hdmi Version 1.4 with ethernet?23:16
NullMoogleCablebecause that would be really cool23:17
mranostayminnowboard is DVI out the HDMI connector23:18
mranostayso not real HDMI iirc23:19
mranostayjust using the fact most HDMI devices are DVI compatiable23:19
NullMoogleCableprobably expensive licence issue23:20
mranostayNullMoogleCable: yeah those ICs are rather expensive iirc23:25
ka6soxI suspect mine will be here shortly :)23:51
ka6soxnow that I'm back from travels23:52

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