Friday, 2013-08-23

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NullMoogleCableone thing i like about the minnow board construction. the micro usb and sound plugs are firmly glued to the board :)02:04
NullMoogleCableprpplague what kind of battery do i need to get for my minnow?02:12
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: i'll have to get the number02:12
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: but it isnt needed for normal operation02:12
mranostayNullMoogleCable: for the RTC02:12
mranostayjust ntpdate :)02:13
prpplague(most embedded dev boards don't include a bat for RTC)02:13
mranostayprpplague: shipping restrictiions right?02:13
mranostayhave to pop a ORM-D sticker02:13
NullMoogleCablebut motherboads have shipped for years with the rtc bats?02:14
mranostayNullMoogleCable: then they have DOT paperwork02:29
mranostayNullMoogleCable: you get caught violating shipping restrictions the fines are amazing02:31
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koenmranostay, zenlinux: 10 minutes pretty much a random number, it could be reduced to 5 or so07:02
koenthe idea is "boot fast, don't burn fingers later"07:13
mranostaykoen: we do this on the bbb?07:43
koeniirc it's on the default angstrom install nowadays07:45
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mranostaythis room has some new faces i see16:25
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zenlinux_morning mranostay, NullMoogleCable16:33
ka6soxI'm curious to see how warm this gets compared to the FRI216:42
mranostayka6sox: better thermals16:46
mranostayyou can't get as hot as the FRI216:47
ka6soxmy wife finally noticed it was there....said her leg was getting hotter than the other.16:48
mranostayhmm i can't find my photo of my heat sensor gun pointed at it16:50
mranostayiirc 45C on the case..16:50
mranostayka6sox: using it as a media server?16:52
ka6soxno, its in the car16:52
ka6soxbut it does have 2ea 40mm fans on it...16:59
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ka6soxI just need to get the audio and video synced again.17:26
ka6soxthe VNC has a bit of Lag to it.17:26
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sgw_zenlinux: good news, I was able to get the lillipu monitor to accept touch calibration21:35
zenlinuxsgw_, coolness. did you have to do anything especially convoluted to get it to work?21:35
sgw_not yet, just a couple of packages and some xorg hackery, but I think to get it to work better I need more refined xorg hackery.21:36
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sgw_this was about an hours worth of tweaking and then waiting for builds, not bad.21:37
calculussgw_: which monitor? usb-display link?21:42
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sgw_calculus: it's a "Lilliput" 7" monitor with a "eGalax Inc. USB TouchController"21:45
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calculussgw_: ahh, that is a little more fancy than mine, but it still has the egalax touchscreen controller,
zenlinuxdm8tbr, google keeps thinking your messages to the ML are spam.22:38
mranostaydm8tbr: stop using buzzwords!22:51
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