Saturday, 2013-08-24

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NullMoogleCablehas anyone replaced thier heatsink yet?01:23
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mranostayNullMoogleCable: why?04:12
ka6soxisn't it epoxied on?04:49
_av500_better color of course05:10
_av500_nothing link blue anodized05:10
das_plagueNullMoogleCable: why?05:16
das_plagueka6sox: we only use a recomended grease not epoxy05:16
das_plagueka6sox: so in theory you can easily replace it with something bigger05:16
das_plagueNullMoogleCable: it's a standard footprint for the heatsink so if you want to replace it with something "off the shelf" you can05:17
das_plague_av500_: boo05:17
_av500_das_plague: ah05:20
_av500_was looking for the wrong nick05:20
mranostayka6sox: no thermal paste05:22
mranostayrather no.. it has thermal paste05:26
dm8tbrzenlinux: well they are not... maybe that's google's way to say 'fuck off and use the web interface already!'05:34
ka6soxokay...this is good...I'll get out the Flower.05:59
dm8tbrI'll try to add some SPF foo to my DNS entries...08:10
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ahollerdm8tbr: that helped for me. I assume google wants to enforce that. Maybe for the spooks12:12
ahollernext step will be the need for dnssec, so that they can remotely disable anything12:14
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Kevin___hi, everyone15:59
Kevin___I am a new guy here.15:59
Kevin___I have a question about the booting...16:00
Kevin___I have updated a new firmware image to the Minnow board, but when restart, seems the booting progress hanging at PCI 2:0:0  0x00000000 --> 0x00011CC8, meanwhile the D11 LED is blinking, seems related with the SD card, is there anyone who knows this issue?16:02
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Kevin___Sorry, not D11 but D12 is blinking and D12 is related with microSD card...16:05
ka6soxkevin, on weekends this channel tends to be pretty quiet...hang around and hopefully someone can help answer.16:10
ka6soxmine is on the way so I'm no help.16:10
Kevin___OK. Anyway still thanks for you reply!16:15
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NullMoogleCablewhat is the footprint type for the heatsink?17:17
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: it should be listed in the BoM17:18
ahollerprpplague: for what does das_... stand for?17:18
prpplagueaholler: nothing, other than a joke on "das boot"
prpplagueaholler: which uboot was originally called "das uboot"17:19
ahollerah, so denglish ;) should be die in german as "die plage" is femini in german ;)17:20
prpplagueaholler: yea it wasn't ment to be meaningful in any way17:21
prpplagueprobably should come up with something else for when i am afk17:23
ahollerthe_oxidation ;)17:25
aholleror drying to complete the electronic faults I know about ;)17:26
ahollerat least those normal people get in contact with17:29
ahollerbesides loose connectors like old mini-usbs tend to become17:30
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NullMoogleCablewell that was a waste of time lol19:28
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: what was?19:30
NullMoogleCablemy laptop descided to hate me and get stuck in a slow laggy mode19:30
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