Sunday, 2013-08-25

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nnumeralscan these things handle a pc100/133 array of RAM sticks?01:49
prpplaguennumerals: no, there are no expansion slots for ram. it is a fixed amount01:50
nnumeralsyou can't just attach an array of ram?01:50
prpplaguennumerals: no, minnow is designed as an embedded system, not as a standard "PC" so there are significant differences01:51
nnumeralsthats the only thing im looking to do01:51
prpplaguennumerals: is there a specific reason you need that amount of ram?01:51
nnumeralswho should i talk to?01:51
nnumeralsit accepts pci-e and sata01:53
prpplaguennumerals: it has pci-e and sata signals on the expansion header, and one standard sata connector onboard01:53
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prpplaguennumerals: and add on board called the "Lizzy Lure" will be available in a few weeks that has a mPCIe slot and a mSATA slot01:54
prpplaguennumerals: so you can add those options as well01:54
nnumeralswhat is the model # of the actual RAM modules?01:57
nnumeralsand how many gigaflops can that thing do01:59
nnumeralsnot enough info on the page02:00
NullMoogleCableim starting to dislike angstrom fast02:41
prpplaguennumerals: sorry, there are no "ram modules" on the minnow02:43
prpplaguennumerals: it has 4 DDR2 memory IC's on the main board02:44
prpplaguennumerals: the full schematics are available on the technical page02:44
NullMoogleCableprpplague is it possible to install debian?02:44
prpplaguennumerals: you can get the stats for the Atom E6xx series, at 1GHz02:45
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: yea, just need to replace the stock 64-bit uefi boot to with a 32-bit one02:45
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: we have someone working on the docs for that02:45
NullMoogleCablewoot because angstrom makes me want to break something02:46
NullMoogleCablei cant even get it to properly reboot02:48
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: the heatsink depending on the task at hand can get up to around 60C02:50
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: which is the "legal limit"02:50
NullMoogleCablejust powered on idleing?02:50
prpplaguepower on idleing will generally be around 45 to 50 C02:51
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: hehe this isn't an arm platform, hehe02:52
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: (but then omap5 was/is pretty hot as well)02:52
NullMoogleCablereason i ask... it wont do anything now02:53
NullMoogleCablesome sort of boot menu thats not showing up on screen?02:54
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: you using the provide +5v wall wart?02:56
prpplaguewith no sd card inserted, you should at least get a uefi shell prompt on the debug uart02:57
NullMoogleCableO.o bumped the keyboard it started02:57
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NullMoogleCableI was hopeing i could get cgminer compiled so i could attempt to litecoin mine :D03:03
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nnumeralswhere are the 4 ddr2's04:23
nnumeralsbox em in red or something and draw a line/writing04:23
nnumeralsthe holes in the two pictures don't match either04:31
nnumeralson minnowboard.com04:32
nnumeralstop of bottom is bottom of top04:33
prpplaguennumerals: uh what?04:35
prpplaguennumerals: i did not understand your statement04:36
nnumeralsthe top board on page 104:36
nnumeralsthe bottom of board 1 is the top of picture 204:37
* mranostay trolls in04:39
nnumeralsit cant really be done04:40
nnumeralscan you parallel wire these boards?04:42
nnumeralscontrol them with a 16 core04:42
mranostaynnumerals: what are you talking about?04:42
nnumerals6 of these together04:43
mranostaythat isn't sane04:45
nnumeralsor a scale04:59
nnumerals16+6 cores05:00
mranostayyou want a beowulf of minnows?05:03
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NullMoogleCablewhy advertize tthe intergrated graphics accelerator if we cant get any drivers to use it fully in linux?05:26
mranostayNullMoogleCable: doesn't have to work to claim :)05:27
NullMoogleCablethats like saying here have this safe filled with 1mill$ but its military spec with 12 differnt locks you have to pick to open it and have the president use his tumb print05:28
mranostaythe way the industry works05:29
* mranostay has worked long enough supported or working are too different things 05:29
NullMoogleCablecan we atleast get some closed source drivers?05:30
mranostaydon't look at me.. not my department05:32
* NullMoogleCable gets stabby then falls asleep05:33
* mranostay stabs along with NullMoogleCable 05:34
NullMoogleCableim going to bed05:35
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