Tuesday, 2013-08-27

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mranostayquiet day02:18
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ka6soxmranostay, I'm hoping to have a minnow on the hook soon...but no word on whether its swimming my way yet.04:20
mranostayka6sox: you have no luck with getting hardware04:25
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ka6soxnope...especially x86 stuff04:38
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ezekieljamsI'm relatively new to Minnowboard. I'm working on an Atom-powered private cloud server project based on webDAV. I started setting it up WebDAV with Lighttpd on Debian Squeeze. Now I'm getting errors installing lighttpd. Can't seem to uninstall lighttpd either. Does anyone have experience with this?16:32
prpplagueezekieljams: you are doing this with the minnowboard?16:33
ezekieljamsha. "attempting" is the keyword.16:35
prpplagueezekieljams: ok well unfornately right now yocto/angstrom is primarily what is being supported, so i suspect not much help in the way of Debian is available.16:35
prpplagueezekieljams: you are welcome to post on the minnowboard mailing list16:36
prpplagueezekieljams: and ask here as well16:36
prpplagueezekieljams: it is also helpful to use pastebin to paste a log of the errors you are getting16:36
prpplagueezekieljams: along with background information16:36
zenlinuxezekieljams, did you manage to install the Debian base packages onto the MinnowBoard? If so I want to know, I'm trying to get some docs written on how to get alternate distros installed on the Minnow.16:39
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ezekieljamsdo you have any insight or resources about doing this with Yocto? Actually, I'm trying to submit a private cloud server idea to The Yocto Contest in the near future.16:41
ezekieljamsInstallation was successful, but that's as far as I was able to get.16:41
ezekieljamsI'll post my process in a few minutes.16:41
ezekieljamshere's the contest: https://yoctoprojectchallenge.intel.com/16:42
prpplagueezekieljams: doing it on angstrom would be extremely easy16:55
prpplagueezekieljams: all of the core packages have already been built and are in the feed16:55
prpplagueezekieljams: my suggestion is you start with Angstrom first16:56
ezekieljamsDidn't realize that Angstrom was part of Yocto. Thanks for the tip. I'll start messing around with it.17:00
prpplagueezekieljams: hehe, Angstrom isn't a part of Yocto, Angstrom is built using the Yocto project as part of OpenEmbedded17:01
ezekieljamsJust gave myself away as a noob. I'm getting there.17:01
prpplagueezekieljams: no worries it can be confusing17:02
prpplagueezekieljams: openembedded and yocto are basically tools to build things with building a distribution the primary goal17:02
prpplagueezekieljams: Angstrom is one of those distributions that is build using OE and Yocto17:03
ezekieljamsThat definitely makes sense now. Thanks for being helpful. I'm sure I'll be back if I back myself into a corner again.17:09
* mranostay swims in17:35
patrikI have ubuntu running on the minnow if you need any pointers on how to install it17:43
prpplaguepatrik: hehe got a howto page up on elinux.org ?????? *COUGH*17:45
patrikprpplague, I'll do that when I get some free time, but basically I installed to a kvm guest and wrote the image to my sata disc + modified the Ångström image bootloader to boot from sata.17:49
patrikNo UEFI partitioning needed on the sata disc17:50
* patrik brb dinner17:53
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* zenlinux returns from the dentist, victorious20:58
prpplaguezenlinux: i need to make a visit myself21:01
* zenlinux has never had a cavity in his lifetime21:01
zenlinuxwhich I blame on genetics, because I have a pretty wild sweet tooth21:02
mranostayzenlinux: i just have genetics for bad teeth21:05
* mranostay has had like 14 cavities in the last 3 years..21:05
* mranostay notes between dentist visits, braces, and wisdom teeth there has to be about 10k worth of work total..21:06
prpplaguei've only had a few cavities, which were fixed while i was in the army, but now the fillings are falling out because they used the only mercury fillings21:19
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mranostayprpplague: they all fall out at some point21:54
zenlinuxI love this new high-res photo of the MinnowBoard! http://files.minnowboard.org/photos/MinnowBoard_RevA-Angled.jpg22:04
prpplaguemranostay: teeth or fillings?22:11
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