Wednesday, 2013-08-28

NullMoogleCablehas anyone gotten win xp to load on a minnow yet?00:06
mranostaywhy wouldn't get a cheap PC if you wanted to do that?00:19
kierankwhat's wrong with xp00:21
* kierank has one xp machine still00:22
NullMoogleCablewell i have this eprom programmer that wont work with vista or 7 and needs a 32bit os00:22
NullMoogleCablenot to mention full graphics support00:22
mranostaykoen's rule #3 applies here00:32
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prpplaguemranostay: what rule is that?00:40
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: full graphics is supported in the angstrom build that ships with the minnow00:41
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NullMoogleCablewhats that?00:51
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av500NullMoogleCable: get a randon small atonm board09:01
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* mranostay swims in16:24
_av500_bike stolen?16:27
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zenlinux___av500_, don't joke about stolen bikes in portland...hits too close to home for many folks16:37
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zenlinuxI think I know 3 people who have had their bikes stolen in the last couple of months16:37
ahollerglobal problem16:38
mranostayzenlinux: what parts of portland?16:39
_av500_bad parts16:39
_av500_"the projects"16:39
zenlinuxmranostay, any part, but downtown the thefts are most frequent16:40
zenlinuxthe main thing you can do is never to use a cable lock. u-locks are a must16:40
_av500_depends on cable thickness :)16:40
zenlinuxbasically if your bike gets stolen while using a u-lock, it was done by a professional thief, and there's nothing you could have done to stop them16:40
zenlinuxthankfully the pros are in the minority, and most thefts are done by addicts using wire cutters against cable locks16:41
mranostayzenlinux: yeah iirc seeing a stat like 80% of bike thefts are by junkies16:42
bluelightningpretty big problem here in London as well16:48
bluelightningI don't own a bike but several of the folks here have had theirs stolen16:48
zenlinuxsounds like a problem ripe for a technology startup product to address ;)16:57
zenlinuxI think this project is pretty interesting:
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mranostayhowdy sakoman19:52
sakomanhey mranostay!19:53
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mranostaypanto: wb baldy19:55
pantothx punk19:55
zenlinuxmahalo, sakoman :)20:13
zenlinux(for offering to meet w/ Kevin)20:14
sakomanLooks like we'll be getting together tomorrow20:14
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mranostayJayneil: hey texan dude20:54
JayneilHi mranostay!!21:03
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