Thursday, 2013-08-29

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* zenlinux has his very own flyswatter2 now :)15:42
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mranostaydavest: Yocto Developer Day is the day before ELC-E right?16:48
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prpplaguemranostay: i thought that was hangover day17:06
mranostayit was last ELC-E17:26
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zenlinuxmranostay, yes, the day before is the plan afaik17:56
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mranostaywhen did the schedule come out?20:05
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mranostaydavest: see they put you and darren in the same slot time..20:23
zenlinuxmust have just posted the schedule20:24
mranostayyou have the slot nobody wants.... :)20:24
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zenlinuxyep, I can pretty much count on no one showing up. takes the pressure off nicely. :)20:25
mranostayzenlinux: heh also the first talk of the day .. no luck this time :)20:27
mranostayalthough up against tbird20:28
NullMoogleCableman I must have alot of uart devices lol im up to com4020:28
mranostayzenlinux: not as bad as last time against olof :)20:30
zenlinuxhas your travel been approved yet?20:31
NullMoogleCablei finally plugged in the debug terminal to see what my minnow is doing at boot and where it is freezing20:40
NullMoogleCableit doesnt boot sometimes20:40
NullMoogleCablejust sits there20:40
zenlinuxso it's just stuck sitting at the grub screen?20:41
zenlinuxgrub should be configured to auto-boot angstrom with about a second delay20:41
zenlinuxI wonder if some sort of keyboard activity is being detected that could cancel the auto-boot20:41
zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, have you noticed if this happens when you have a USB keyboard connected?20:43
NullMoogleCableif i unplug it it starts right up20:44
NullMoogleCableit is a standard logitech k120 keyboard20:45
zenlinuxI don't suppose you have another keyboard you could try? If it happens with multiple kinds of keyboards, I'm thinking it could be some bugginess with USB20:46
NullMoogleCableyeah same thing happens with my ultra branded keyboard20:47
zenlinuxnoted, then20:47
patrikNullMoogleCable, zenlinux, I have similar issues with a dell keyboard. Sometimes keys get stuck or the minnow just missbehaves. Unplugging the keyboard and replugging it while the system is powered on always helps20:52
patrikI meant, unplugging it, remove power, power on and plug it in again20:53
NullMoogleCablewhats up with ?20:55
zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, hmmm...something to ping koen about, he's the Angstrom lead20:56
zenlinuxkoen, ^^20:56
NullMoogleCableim trying to figure out how i can change the default screen res using the debug serial X_X20:57
* mranostay can't remember his !@#$! password..20:58
_av500_I stopped remembering them20:59
_av500_I always click "forgot my password"20:59
_av500_then i make a random new one and forget it20:59
koenNullMoogleCable: backup cronjob filled / 100%, admins have managed to schedule concurrent holidays :/21:00
zenlinuxI just use "password123" across all my accounts and find it very convenient.21:00
zenlinuxoh, wait....21:00
NullMoogleCablei have to go eat be back in a few21:01
NullMoogleCableso what graphics manager is installed by default?21:26
zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, more context please. Are you asking about the desktop environment in the Angstrom image we ship with, or what Xorg graphics driver is used?21:30
NullMoogleCablewell im trying to set the resolution for the display. my lcd doesnt like what it is currently putting out21:31
zenlinuxah. yes, you may need to specify it manually in /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:32
zenlinuxI posted an example on the mailing list21:32
zenlinuxThe reason for this is that the EMGD graphics driver apparently isn't working right with EDID, which is what monitors use to advertise the resolutions they are compatible with.21:33
zenlinuxhere's the thread with an example:!category-topic/minnowboard/IaT8HtKEPAI21:34
NullMoogleCablehmmm doing the command reboot locks up the minnow21:43
zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, known issue, we have someone looking into that21:44
zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, I've seen that too. I was just talking with our kernel person about it this morning.21:48
zenlinuxpatrik's suggested process for resetting things should be a workaround (albeit annoying)21:48
* zenlinux has the Ubuntu server text installer console running on the Minnow :D21:50
patrikzenlinux, Did you get my email about the grub config?21:51
patrikI've been playing some more with getting a 13.04 Desktop image booting but casper can't find the filesystem.squashfs image21:53
zenlinuxpatrik, yes, thanks so much for that. For some reason I can't seem to get the Ubuntu kernel to boot still, but if I use the Minnow kernel from anstrom and the Ubuntu initrd, I'm able to get the installer up21:54
NullMoogleCablei would kill for debian21:56
zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, I *just* found this, it sounds promising:
patrikIf you add gma500_gfx.blacklist=yes the monitor doesn't go black :)21:56
patrikzenlinux, I've tried that debian image, didn't work for me :(21:57
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patrikonly amd64 it seems21:58
zenlinuxright, the issue is we need a 32-bit efi installer21:58
NullMoogleCablehow the heck do you install things and upgrade? no apt-get?22:04
zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, Angstrom uses a package manager called opkg, which is very similar to apt-get. There is a package feed available for Minnow.22:12
zenlinuxJayneil is going to write up a short tutorial on using opkg, and I'd like to get that posted on the MinnowBoard wiki.22:13
NullMoogleCableis there a way to install apt?22:14
zenlinuxbut in the meantime, you can probably find other opkg examples, or review the command's help option22:14
zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, no. If you have to use apt, you would need to use a Linux distro that supports it. apt is a Debian/Ubuntu thing.22:15
NullMoogleCablehmmm you can install debian on a macbook that has efi22:21
NullMoogleCablewonder if we can use that?22:22
zenlinuxagain, it's almost certain for 64-bit systems22:23
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* zenlinux prepares for a soggy commute home22:46
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mranostayyeah didn't bike in for a change *whew*22:46
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