Wednesday, 2013-09-11

NullMoogleCablehow well would a usb 2.0 external video card work on the minnow?01:26
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: should be pretty ok, just depends on what you are trying to do with01:37
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: it01:37
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NullMoogleCabledisplay a text terminal of a server on a old lcd projector that only does 800x60001:49
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NullMoogleCableare displaylink drivers available for linux yet?01:51
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: iirc yes there are some01:52
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mranostayUSB to DVI video card?02:48
* zenlinux finishes a new revision of the MinnowBoard Fish Picker-Upper for its local television debut tomorrow morning.03:25
zenlinuxthere's still about a 1 in 10 chance it will miss picking up the fish, for any of you who want to start a pool on whether it will actually work on live tv03:25
mranostayzenlinux: what station?03:30
zenlinuxwhatever fox is on (12?)03:31
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* mranostay doesn't had a TV so can't confirm03:38
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zenlinuxI think the clip will end up online at some point later tomorrow - I'll be sure to post it if the demo goes well.03:39
zenlinuxThe segment is only about two minutes long, it's a fluff piece they're doing in between other news segments as a preview of Maker Faire PDX03:39
zenlinuxbut they'll be recording it live, so the demo is either going to sink or swim03:39
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koenzenlinux: "sink or swim"05:20
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koennew sd card image to test:!category-topic/minnowboard/vCAGbw81N0Q09:12
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aholler_koen: thanks for submitting the patches.12:53
koenthanks for doing the work on the card detect issue!12:54
aholler_wasn't really that much. just had to read source ;)12:55
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av500aholler: you are on the x86 side now?13:02
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ahollerDo you expect I work on an ARM desktop? ;)13:06
av500minnow is your desktop?13:08
ahollerno, I'm just curious if it might become my next 24/7 thingy. Still haven't decided what will replace my dockstar.13:09
av500have a dockstar in the pile somewhere13:10
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zenlinuxprpplague, what does J5 do on the BOB lure?17:38
zenlinuxactually, ditto for J2 - J517:39
koenIf I say "short circuit", will you get the reference?17:39
zenlinuxheh, yes17:39
zenlinuxah, the 80's17:40
koenthe golden decade17:41
mranostayold people17:44
aholler"short circuitco" ;)17:47
prpplaguezenlinux: J5 are the GPIOS17:48
prpplaguezenlinux: J4 is spi17:48
prpplaguezenlinux: J3 is I2C17:48
prpplaguezenlinux: J2 are uarts17:48
prpplaguezenlinux: J1 is standard USB pinout expansion17:48
zenlinuxprpplague, GPIO pin 2 on the BOB corresponds directly to GPIO pin 2 on the mainboard itself, right? In this case, GND17:49
prpplaguezenlinux: each one is labeled, along with the function17:49
prpplaguezenlinux: J5-2 is GPIO-017:49
zenlinuxprpplague, is there a GPIO-0 on the mainboard?17:50
zenlinuxthat's what I'm confused by17:50
prpplaguezenlinux: yes17:50
prpplaguezenlinux: 0 through 717:50
zenlinuxit's on pin 2 of J5 on the mainboard - of course17:50
* zenlinux slowly gains clue17:51
zenlinuxwhile I'm on the subject of my ignorance, I've never done anything with SPI before. Are there similar utilities as i2c-tools for SPI under Linux?17:52
koenno, spi is addressless17:53
koenwell, it has a a chipselect17:53
koenzenlinux: but look for 'spidev' examples17:53
zenlinuxkoen, thanks, will do. I imagine there must be BB tutorials on the topic?17:54
koenmost people hate doing the right thing (kernel driver) and use spidev17:55
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zenlinuxI have a 13-yo kid who wants to learn about SPI, looking for some resources to show him (and me) how it can be used, since he has a BOB lure now.17:55
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koenthat should how bad I suck at coding C, but it did read the adc using spidev :)18:00
zenlinuxwell, it's a nice short example to start with - thanks18:01
koenzenlinux: poke darren for the x86 magic to get spidev loaded on the minnow spi18:03
zenlinuxwill do18:03
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Jayneilprpplague: ping18:51
prpplagueJayneil: pong18:51
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zenlinuxJayneil, how many copies of the book do you want printed?19:36
JayneilI would suggest atleast 20 to be on the safe side..19:36
Jayneilthanks :-)19:36
Jayneilbtw which version are u thinking of printing..?19:36
zenlinuxthe sparkfun order should be on its way to you now19:37
zenlinuxhaven't decided yet, will do so after I make some coffee :)19:37
JayneilOk. np.. :-)19:38
mranostayzenlinux: order'ed some PCBs?19:44
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zenlinuxmranostay, just some parts needed for Jayneil's minnowboard hands-on lab at linuxcon19:56
mranostayah nice19:57
mranostayzenlinux: you going as well?19:58
mranostayor was Jayneil in place of you?19:58
zenlinuxno, I'll be at Maker Faire NYC instead19:58
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mranostayzenlinux: they are at the same time?20:11
zenlinuxalso, I have pdx maker faire this weekend20:11
mranostayah at OMSI?20:11
zenlinuxright, come on by20:11
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