Thursday, 2013-09-12

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VitalyHello to everybody! I have got minnowboard and trying to boot it. Do not see anything in the serial console (connected through micro USB according to the instructions:
Vitaly1st question: I've got the board without RTC battery. Shall it boot without it?17:41
Vitaly2nd question: Are external mouse and external keyboard mandatory to be connected?  (in my case nothing changes if I connect them. I hope it is not mandatory to connect them)17:42
Vitaly3rd: Afterpowering the board I see that LEDs D11, D12, D13 (PWR) and D15 (PWROK) are green17:43
VitalyNo other symptoms that the board is live.17:44
VitalyIf I connect display via HDMI, shoudl I expect any output?17:44
Vitaly(Don't have cable in my hands right now to check the current behavior)17:45
VitalyAny ideas are appreciated :-)17:45
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_av500_did you put a floppy with MSDOS inside?17:53
VitalyI put the microSD card inside. It was inside the package.17:54
VitalyI do not have card reader and can't check that everything what is expected is there. But I put it into N900 (Nokia old linux phone) and was able to see with fdisk that is it partitioned17:54
VitalySo, not an empty card. But will but card reader soon and will be able to check more17:55
Vitalys/will but/will buy/17:55
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_av500_sorry, dont have my minnow yet17:56
_av500_it should boot from the sdcard provided17:56
VitalyYep. At least according to the documentation.17:56
VitalySo fat my idea what to do next is to connect monitor to HDMI. And see will it output anything17:57
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_av500_micro all the code!18:02
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prpplagueVitaly: the minnow does not ship with a rtc battery, yes it will boot without it19:29
prpplagueVitaly: no keyboard or mouse is require to boot the minnow19:30
Vitalythanks. Several variable less.19:30
prpplagueVitaly: the microsd card should be the only item required to boot19:30
prpplagueVitaly: along with a +5v power supply19:31
prpplagueVitaly: make sure you have flow control disabled for your terminal window19:31
VitalyWhat about HDMI output? Should anything be displayed?19:31
prpplagueVitaly: it is not required to boot19:31
VitalyYep. But is it displaying anythibg during boot process through HDMI?19:32
prpplagueVitaly: it will display the uefi menu if the display is connected19:33
VitalyOK. Thanks a  lot for thsi information.19:34
NullMoogleCableso am i crazy for wanting to build my own mc68000p based system that can run UEFI ?19:35
Vitalyprppalgue, what about the lEDs I see?  Is it expected?  Do you see the same LEDs on the working system?19:36
prpplagueVitaly: yes when you power on the boards the two user leds, the power led, and the power ok led should come on19:41
VitalyOK. Thanks19:44
VitalyI use MacBook Air as a host system. Might be the problem as well. But I see /dev/ttyUSB0 after connecting the board.19:45
prpplagueVitaly: yes there are reported issues with the FTDI drivers on some mac devices19:47
VitalyAga!  OK. Thanks.  Another thing to check. Will be happy if it is the root cause :-)19:48
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Jayneilzenlinux: Got the parts. Thanks a lot! :-)21:19
zenlinuxJayneil, oh good. It's getting down to the wire to print your lab packets. I'm still waiting to hear confirmation they were submitted to FedEx, and I've given instructions to have them shipped overnight to you.21:20
zenlinuxI had to print the plain version of the booklet, since the booklet needs to be put into a binder, and the fancy version of the booklet doesn't have large enough margins for that.21:21
zenlinuxI am having it printed double-sided and in color, though.21:21
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JayneilOh ok. yea true..thanks a lot once again. :-)21:40
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