Friday, 2013-09-13

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NullMoogleCableHAPPY Programmers' Day !!!05:17
ahollermonkey dance?05:33
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mranostayaholler: vicory jig06:29
mranostay*victory even06:29
ahollerin regard to programmers it's the monkey dance06:31
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zenlinuxJayneil, I have confirmation your booklets have been printed and are being shipped overnight to you - delivery by 10am tomorrow18:02
Jayneil awesome :-)18:07
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zenlinuxmranostay, it's a consolidation of our getting started guides in print format19:59
zenlinuxsomething nice to give away at events19:59
mranostayyou will notice typos now :P19:59
zenlinuxprobably not, we only had about 20 copies printed.20:00
zenlinuxhad we printed a hundred or more....20:00
mranostayprint them at JF? or get Kinko's to do it?20:01
zenlinuxwas going to print them at kinko's but my admin took care of it cheaper at jf20:01
zenlinuxheh, makes it sound like I have my own admin. I wish.20:02
mranostayheh i was going to say when did that happen? :)20:03
zenlinuxmy nearby radio shack put some of their component packs on clearance. Got a bunch of misc switches for $10. Not bad.20:04
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