Friday, 2013-09-20

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av500minnow bashing07:52
ahollermore pvr bashing07:53
av500"it is all open"07:55
ahollerexcept the gpu stuff, as usual07:55
av500and the boot loader07:55
av500the usual07:55
ahollerI though it is open07:55
aholler(the bootloader source)07:56
ahollerthe videocore with the closed bootloader they talk about is that stuff from rpi07:59
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mranostayav500: pvr all things!08:16
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av500aholler: I know08:30
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sobkasI would like to know more about quality of support of gma600 under linux on this board, thanks.11:54
av500me too11:59
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sobkasAfter some reserch, my conclusion is that I wouldn't want to use gma600 even under windows(and no support for win8 is one small straw), Intel you failed and now you are rubbing this fail all over yourself14:21
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patriksobkas, I'm working on the community driver (gma500_gfx) and KMS support will arrive eventually17:28
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patriksobkas, I have everything in place for 2D acceleration on Poulsbo on my local "hacking" repository. It's just not working yet17:29
patriksobkas, But hopefully 2D support isn't far away. No promises though17:30
prpplaguepatrik: did we get a minnow out to you?17:30
prpplaguepatrik: i put in a request to send you one last week, but i was gone to linuxcon17:31
prpplaguepatrik: so i am not sure the status17:31
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patrikprpplague, Yes I got one really early. Trying to squeeze in development whenever I can17:49
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NullMoogleCablehas anyone else worked on debian or ubuntu?20:11
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prpplagueNullMoogleCable: we have engaged the debian and fedora folks for minnow support21:33
prpplagueNullMoogleCable: things should move along nicely after the PR this week21:34
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