Sunday, 2013-09-22

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jkukka_av500_: wierd that hardware is closed and unsupported. no more drivers for powervr chip are released.06:50
jkukka_av500_: like this
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dm8tbrjkukka: you don't _have_ to use the PVR core07:56
* dm8tbr is interested in the non-graphics parts of the board anyway07:57
_av500_jkukka: yes, I know about that08:04
_av500_as said, its as open as possible08:04
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jkukkadm8tbr: this isn't the answer. "we put chip, but we don't have drivers and you don't have to use it".09:48
jkukka_av500_: I don't get it. how it can be open if one of most interesting part is closed?09:49
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jkukkai can't build hd player with it, for example.09:49
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paulk-collinshi there09:50
paulk-collinsWhat BIOS is the Minnowboard using? Is it free software or not?09:50
dm8tbrpaulk-collins: yes, UEFI is open. there is only some small initilization binary that intel supplies09:53
dm8tbrjkukka: most interesting by _your_ definition09:53
dm8tbrjkukka: if _you_ want a device with a open GPU, you should buy one.09:54
paulk-collinswith a open GPU?09:55
paulk-collinsit has a PowerVR GPU…09:56
paulk-collinsthat's pretty much the worse out there09:56
dm8tbrit's a very sad fact, that in pretty much all embdded SoCs have GPU cores that require binary blobs09:56
paulk-collinssome are better than others… there is Lima working up to being usable09:56
dm8tbrpaulk-collins: my point exactly09:56
paulk-collinsso the whole BIOS is not free but the part that loads UEFI (I guess the part that does SecureBoot too) is free software?09:57
dm8tbrpaulk-collins: the uefi source code is completely free. refer to the mailing list for details about that binary09:57
paulk-collinsok but not the hardware init?09:58
dm8tbrI don't remember the details. It was mentioned on the ML.09:58
paulk-collinsgot it10:00
jkukkadm8tbr: i've got you point. "see figure 1", right?10:04
dm8tbrjkukka: sorry?10:04
jkukkadm8tbr: old geek humor
dm8tbrjkukka: personally I'm hoping that intel comes up with what they promised, a SoC, but with their own GPU core10:05
dm8tbrjkukka: not really what I meant...10:06
jkukkadm8tbr: and they came with closed hardware. and I can't understand that. why they released system for entusiasts with no support.10:06
jkukkathis be my personal definition, but quick googling shows that people gets dissapointed by powervr10:07
dm8tbrjkukka: is there a intel SoC with a intel GPU? or more precisely, did such exist when the minnow was being designed in 2012?10:07
dm8tbrjkukka: I personally _HATE_ PVR.10:07
dm8tbrbut as I don't plan on doing graphics heavy things with that type of device. I don't have to care.10:08
paulk-collinsdm8tbr, I guess not all Atoms have PowerVR, do they?10:09
dm8tbrpaulk-collins: I think some have intel GPUs by now, but not all Atoms are embedded CPUs10:09
paulk-collinsah ok10:10
paulk-collinsso probably the SoC ones have powervr indeed10:10
paulk-collinsthat's a shame…10:10
dm8tbras I said, I really hope to see such a combination from intel, as they have hinted at it10:10
dm8tbryeah, exactly :(10:10
dm8tbrthe PVR sucked bad already as GMA50010:10
paulk-collinsoh yeah10:10
jkukkaintel should open specs for poverwr, and port drivers. but releasing with no support. i just can't understand.10:11
paulk-collinsI guess they just can't10:11
paulk-collinsthey don't own PowerVR10:11
dm8tbrproblem is that PVR is owned by imagination technologies10:11
dm8tbrand they will _never_ allow that10:11
paulk-collinsanyway that's not a terrible issue if you plan to use the board as a server or so10:12
jkukkai was happy with intel netbooks and just upgraded to netbook with gma500. and suddenly I was hit by driver issues. and now I simply hate pvr and intel. :(10:12
paulk-collinsactually I'm more concerned about the non-free BIOS issue10:12
paulk-collinsother SBCs can have fully free u-boot support10:12
paulk-collinsespecially Allwinner SoCs10:12
dm8tbrdid you read it?10:12
_av500_intel cannot open powervr10:13
_av500_they do not own it10:13
dm8tbrpaulk-collins: it didn't sound like a major issue to me10:13
paulk-collinsyeah that's because it's not an inconvenience while powervr clearly is10:14
jkukkathey can port existing driver10:14
paulk-collinsbut I'm interested in software freedom, and I can't cope with non-free boot software10:14
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_av500_paulk-collins: then it's simply not for you13:19
paulk-collinsI'm happy with my globalscale kirkwood plugcomputers already actually13:22
dm8tbrno gpu, no problem13:37
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craltHas anyone tried to boot OpenBSD on a minnowboard?20:23
_av500_or FreeBSD or NetBSD?20:25
_av500_PC-BSD even20:25
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mranostay_av500_: isn't BSD dead?20:58
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