Wednesday, 2013-09-25

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mranostayhi zenlinux21:36
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sakomanI know this is blasphemy, but could one run windows 7 on minnowboard?22:39
sakomanI have a client whose sw is currently on win7, and they want to transition to Linux on an embedded platform like minnowboard22:41
sakomanCurious whether it would be possible to get them to move the hw platform first, the transition to Linux on minnowboard22:42
mranostaysakoman: this has be asked here like 20 times :)22:55
mranostayand feel free to try it :)22:56
sakomanmranostay: how many times has it been answered?22:56
sakomanI don't have a minnowboard to try it on22:56
zenlinuxsakoman, running between meetings, but the problem is the win7 installer can't handle 32-bit uefi22:57
sakomanah, OK22:57
sakomanon to plan b22:57
zenlinuxif it were 64-bit uefi, then no problem, but we're hamstrung because of poor vendor support for 32-bit uefi22:57
mranostayzenlinux: or 32-bit at all now22:58
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zenlinuxmranostay, reasonable point22:58
sakomanwho is the vendor that is providing poor support?22:59
mranostayeveryone :)22:59
mranostayubuntu doesn't have a 32-bit UEFI image either23:00
mranostayeveryone assumes 32-bit x86 == BIOS only23:00
mranostayand for 99.5% of the cases that is valid23:00
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ahollerbut I've heard rumours about coreboot.23:37
ahollerof course, I don't know if coreboot would be able to boot windows.23:41
mranostayonly plus of coreboot would be booting u-boot23:41
* mranostay remembers how #$@#$#@ it was to dual boot Win XP and Linux back in the day23:42
ahollerdidn't get better23:43
mranostaygood to know23:50
mranostayaholler: thinking a UEFI u-boot image wouldn't that bad of an idea23:51
mranostaygummiboot is kinda lacking23:51
ahollerI never used u-boot on x8623:52
mranostayit exists23:54
mranostaybut is also useful since ARM is going the UEFI way as well23:54
mranostaythen again u-boot is a pesky GPLv2 license for all those that want to keep their boot codez secret :)23:55
ahollersilly companies ;)23:56
ahollerthere shouldn't be a need to hide the boot codez, if they would implement the security stuff correctly23:58
mranostayheh true but you know how this all works :)23:58
ahollerof course, being lucky about that companies are unable to secure their stuff correctly.23:59

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