Thursday, 2013-09-26

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ahollerI never had much to do with bios nor did I get in contact with bios devs.00:09
ahollerbut I think many embedded devs aren't that better than bios guys.00:11
ahollerthey used to live in a world without operating systems ;)00:12
ahollerhaving control about every bit whithout having to fear some other pesky sw comes into the way00:14
ahollere.g. it's often extremly hard to tell them, that everything which comes from a network must be handled like an enemy.00:16
mranostayaholler: RTOS people are fun like that :)00:17
ahollerthey often think they own the network like they own a serial00:17
ahollerand there is hw with network stacks around which just can handle on connect. so if connect to the telnet port, even without knowing the password, you own those devices because nobody else can connect. ;)00:20
ahollerit's a wired world00:21
ahollerhmm, never tried how many connects u-boot is able to handle ;)00:23
ahollermaybe it's killable too, by some funny network traffic at boot time.00:25
mranostaypeople use the network console feature?00:26
ahollerI never did, therefor I never tested it00:27
mranostayyeah well that for sure shouldn't be enabled in a production unit :)00:27
ahollerbut even just enabling the network stack for things like beeing able to boot nfs might be dangerous.00:29
ahollerI don't know how u-boot reacts if the if gets a lot of traffic. but other bootloaders might have problems their too. ;)00:31
aholleranyway, such stuff does cost a lot of time to explore00:32
ahollerand I'm usually more like to write sw than trying to find bugs.00:33
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mranostayaholler_: nobody likes debugging04:26
mranostayesp other peoples code04:26
aholler_hmm, looking at security bug hunting people I don't think that is true.04:28
aholler_some of them obviously are happy when they've spend endless time to find a silly bug.04:30
av500mranostay: I have a NAS that uses uboot network console for recovery :)04:56
aholler_penetrate it ;)05:00
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bubmbubmbubmbubmanything sweet come from these boards yet?05:49
* dm8tbr throws bubmbubmbubmbubm a can of HFCS06:48
bubmbubmbubmbubm  /me makes bubbles in it06:49
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mranostaydm8tbr: hi oh08:19
dm8tbrmranostay: mooooo08:38
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ron_frownwhats up player19:53
ron_frownread about you in the news today19:53
prp^2ron_frown: oh?19:54
ron_frownabout the minnowboard19:55
prp^2ron_frown: my arrest record finally make it out?19:55
ron_frownfrom slashdot19:55
prp^2ahh yea19:55
prp^2ars technica article or the video?19:55
ron_frownglad to see you are still doing this sort of stuff19:56
ron_frownI dont know19:56
prp^2ahh video is up19:56
ron_frownI just went straight to the home page19:56
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