Friday, 2013-09-27

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prp^2ho ho hum03:52
prp^2wild day of emails03:52
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* mranostay swims in05:27
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mranostayzenlinux: ping15:11
dm8tbrmooo mranostay15:14
dm8tbrhow's it floatin'?15:15
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zenlinuxmorning mranostay16:24
* zenlinux has entered day two of a nasty cold16:24
bluelightningzenlinux: sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon16:26
zenlinuxthanks bluelightning16:27
zenlinuxbluelightning, I assume you'll be at elc-e?16:27
bluelightningzenlinux: I will indeed, will you?16:27
zenlinuxyep, travel is approved, air and hotel arrangements set16:27
zenlinuxslowly building up the courage to try haggis16:28
bluelightningit's not as weird as you might expect16:28
bluelightningand I say that as a vegetarian16:28
zenlinuxyeah, I watched a video on how it's made - the mincing of the meats makes it much more palatable16:29
zenlinuxneed to reboot for a kernel update, brb16:30
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mranostayzenlinux: yeah i had this week as well16:37
mranostaybtw what is the typical power usage of the minnow?16:37
mranostaypeak vs idle16:38
zenlinuxit's a hard question to answer - depends a lot on peripherals you have attached. usb and gige are the big consumers16:47
zenlinuxI'd say peak might be around 10-12W, and idle should be more like 4-5W16:48
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zenlinuxdrat, I've got folks in China who can't access our forums because Google Groups is blocked. :(19:50
zenlinuxCurious if anyone has potential alternatives to suggest that might work more universally, and are free?19:51
dm8tbrzenlinux: it's a mailing list, have it mirrored to one of the web archives19:56
dm8tbralso tell the people to subscribe to it by mail19:56
zenlinuxhmm, let me have someone try that and see if it works19:58
* dm8tbr is subscribed by email, since almost day one19:59
dm8tbrit works just fine19:59
dm8tbrinstructions posted to this channel19:59
dm8tbrproblem is that google is a bit f'd up and doesn't allow subscribing by mail :(19:59
dm8tbrso once someone needs to go to the google site and go through the motions20:00
dm8tbr2013-07-17 20:54:21< dm8tbr> WITHOUT being signed into google...20:02
dm8tbr2013-07-17 21:28:38< zenlinux> dm8tbr, thanks for that link - I'll use it in my announcements20:02
dm8tbrbut they don't need a google account20:03
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jack__will the minnowboard feature a ME ARC processor to bootstrap UEFI?20:34
jack__nevermind, jtag not for production units20:37
jack__lame shit20:37
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zenlinuxI love how people take the features of a piece of hardware so seriously. :)20:39
zenlinuxthat is, so personally20:39
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mranostayzenlinux: so is Backspace like a bar/venue in PDX?22:09
zenlinuxmranostay, I think of it mainly as a coffee shop, but in the evening they rearrange the place for live music and serve drinks22:09
zenlinuxdefinitely check it out when you have the chance22:10
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ahollersf offers mls too22:35
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