Saturday, 2013-09-28

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jchillerupHi! I'm curious to know if the SATA pins on the expansion port are shared with the sata port that's actually broken out13:16
jchillerupI found the answer to that question (they're not used, i.e. there are two different SATA ports). Next question: Where can I find a female connector for the expansion slot13:25
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Malekhi all13:46
MalekI want to ask, if it s possible to modify the board design in order to add an FPGA conected to the Atom trough PCI-E13:47
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dm8tbrfpga-lure... if he had waited...14:09
jchillerupawwww :)14:10
jchillerupI found the answer to my second question, btw:
jchillerupNo third question... FOR NOW!14:11
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dm8tbrjchillerup: re first question, you could always check the schematics etc14:58
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jchillerupdm8tbr: the link is dead :(15:48
dm8tbrjchillerup: works here, your answer is smack right on page 115:57
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jchillerupdm8tbr: thanks. i found the dead link on the wiki17:10
ka6soxjchillerup, did you fix the dead link on the wiki?17:12
jchillerupi didn't havr the proper link until dm8tbr provieed it17:13
dm8tbrwhich I found on in the tech specs17:25
zenlinux_I have a lot of work to do on the website so I can add more menu items and make info categories easier to discover18:18
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