Thursday, 2013-10-03

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_av500_its the minnow killer16:38
NullMoogleCablebut only has 256mb of ram16:42
NullMoogleCableand only 400mhz16:42
NullMoogleCableno video16:44
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chris___trying to bootstrap debian and this instruction doesn't work because the data file is in the work directory zcat /debinst/data.tar.gz | tar xv18:33
chris___am i doing something wrong?18:33
chris___it seems like everything is in the work directory but the work directory isn't referenced on the instructions following it18:34
chris___is also in the work directory18:35
chris___not the directory mentioned18:35
chris___The guide says "Bootstrapping Debian onto your MinnowBoard is a fairly simple process. At the end of this guide you will have a complete minimum Debian system you can use on your MinnowBoard."18:39
chris___then says "Boot Loader (Not working yet.)"18:40
chris___then SSH and Remote Access (Needs fixing)18:40
chris___if I go through this whole process is it going to work?18:40
chris___is there an updated guide?18:40
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mranostayjkridner: how is Rome?18:55
jkridnerprpplague: I ordered a beer for you!18:56
jkridnerget down here! :-)18:56
mranostaygah i hate you guys18:56
prpplaguemranostay: arduino this arduino that, you'd like arduino was big in italy or something18:56
* prpplague goes down stairs for beer18:56
jkridnerblonde playing the synth is more interesting than arduino (don't quote me on that)18:57
* mranostay quotes jkridner on that18:57
* mranostay issues press release18:57
* jkridner looks for logs to erase!18:58
mranostayjkridner: you can remote wipe mine? :)18:59
dm8tbrnuke them from orbit, the only way to be sure!19:00
jkridneryou've hooked a beagle to your computer at one point, right?19:01
mranostayah yeah19:01
mranostaybut not the server i have my irc bouncer on :P19:01
jkridnerwait, why am I asking?  I already know the answer to that question. ;-)19:02
mranostayjkridner: usb gadget trojan?19:02
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Jayneilzenlinux: ping19:05
jkridnerwould you have it any other way?19:05
Jayneilprp_plague:You already the just recently announced Intel Galileo board..?19:07
prp_plaguehehe yea i have known about it for a while19:07
prp_plagueJayneil i've got some to show you when i get back19:08
Jayneilprp_plague: Awesome!19:08
zenlinuxJayneil, nice opkg tutorial19:13
Jayneilzenlinux: Thanks :-)19:19
Jayneiljkridner: Arduino TRE looks awesome!19:19
prp_plaguejkridner can she play
jkridnerJayneil: :-)19:21
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