Saturday, 2013-10-05

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deadlyninjawhats the minimum temperature the minnow will operate at? all i can find on google is a months old question that was never answered02:25
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zenlinuxdeadlyninja, the hardware engineer at circuitco who can answer this is in rome for maker faire, I'm hoping to hear from him early next week and will add that to the tech specs page04:37
winocmthe firmware on the minnowboard is open-source?04:43
ka6soxwonder which component will stop first04:43
zenlinuxwinocm, the uefi firmware is open in the sense you can rebuild and write your own applications for it. There are however binary blobs that must be included that do hardware-specific things (e.g, brining up the memory controllers and other really low-level initialization)04:53
winocmwishful thinking05:38
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* mranostay pokes in09:41
mranostayh aholler09:41
mranostay*hi even09:41
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ahollerI'm playing with the ev3 ;)15:42
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