Monday, 2013-10-07

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mranostayzenlinux: silly question does backspace have a bike rack? :)15:12
zenlinuxmorning mranostay - there are several staple racks right outside backspace15:12
zenlinuxyou planning on going to dorkbot tonight?15:13
mranostaythinking about it15:13
zenlinuxI'd like to drop by myself15:13
zenlinuxI wonder how popular I'd be if I brought a prototype of the Galileo board w/ me. :)15:14
mranostaybbl.. have to catch train15:18
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mranostayzenlinux: how long do the meeting run?16:51
zenlinuxmranostay, they're not really official meetings with presentations, at least not the ones I've been to17:02
zenlinuxyou mainly just show up and there will be people hanging out at tables with various hackery to show and tell17:02
zenlinuxoff to jf17:09
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mranostayzenlinux: seems the 2600 meeting is held next door to that place20:50
zenlinuxah yes, at theo's20:56
zenlinuxgood burgers & sandwiches there, btw20:57
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mranostayzenlinux: you know how many PCIE lanes the minnow has?22:37
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zenlinuxmranostay, we make two lanes available through the expansion port23:52
mranostayanyone working a FPGA lure?23:53

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