Wednesday, 2013-10-09

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zenlinuxmfny, tigal just came on as a european distributor, could you by through them in the meantime?
zenlinuxI'm going to email someone at circuitco and ask them to follow up with farnell about their stock00:14
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zenlinuxmfny, I'm looking at Farnell's page right now and they list 18 in stock00:15
mfnyzenlinux: yes they do list stock but they also list "available untill stocks exausted".. its the latter that got me wondering00:16
zenlinuxok, I'll mention that wording to circuitco00:16
mfnyits my understanding that wording like that means when its gone its gone00:17
zenlinuxmfny, ping me in another day or two and I should hear back from circuitco about that00:19
mfnyzenlinux: are you involved with the makeing of the minnow itself  in some way ?00:19
zenlinuxmfny, I work for Intel, I'm the technical evangelist for the minnowboard00:19
zenlinuxI can assure you more MinnowBoards are being manufactured. I don't however have direct contact with distributors, since CircuitCo handles that relationship and they make/sell the boards.00:20
mfnyoh, so youd be the one to ask to see if the minnow would actuly work for me then eh ? its on my shortlist of SBCs, that i kinda need to make even shorter by way of asking about Python GPIO librarys/support and 1080p60hz hdmi output..00:21
* mranostay waddles out00:22
zenlinux1080p hdmi output works, and we have some tutorials online on using GPIO that make use of the sysfs interface. You could use python to access this, and possibly port an existing library to do the same.00:23
zenlinuxin fact, we have some folks who are planning to use the minnowboard in some university education contexts, and I believe one of the ideas that's been floated to them is to create a python gpio library for minnowboard.00:24
mfnywell im looking at a SBC for self learning, embedded linux, python/c,gpio and so on, and its down to Minnow,Wand,Cubie and the Olimex Allwinner boards pretty much.00:26
mfnyaside from the GPIO/Python and HDMI situation im also prodding eatch boards community/support to see what thats like to, this conversation would be part of that i guess heh00:28
zenlinuxright. we also have a mailing list on google groups.00:29
zenlinuxmfny, if you're interested in learning about the yocto project, one thing that's kind of interesting is that the minnowboard was created to be a development platform for yocto, something we could take to conferences to train people on00:32
mfnymy needs are not super technical, what with being a newbie and maybe not knowing what i want per say, All i know is GPIO support is important, so is full HD over HDMI for anytrhing id want to do so its a starting point for asking around00:32
mfnyyer i did look at the yocto/minnowboard presentation on youtube, and the yocto site to00:33
zenlinuxanother board you might want to check out is the Intel Galileo, which was just announced at Maker Faire last week00:33
zenlinuxhowever that doens't have video output00:33
mfnyi did notice the Galileo, dont think its aimed at what I would be after, interesting that Intel has decide to gatecrash the Audunio party though.00:37
zenlinuxwell, not sure if it's gate-crashing, since they developed it in cooperation with the arduino organization. :)00:38
mfnymaybe showing up(fashionably ?) late to the party would be a better term ? heh00:39
zenlinuxit's definitely long overdue00:39
mfnyIntel wakeing up to the hobbyist embedded thing reminds me of the long period of time it took for them to acknowledge/embrace overclockers, hopeful the results of this second late awakening will be similarly sucessful00:45
mfnyare Minnows still shipping with a US only PSU ? .. read a thread on Element14 bringing this as an issue ..00:49
zenlinuxyes, that is true. you'll need to use a local power adaptor or get a native one that can deliver 5V @ 2.5 A00:50
zenlinuxadmittedly an annoyance for the international market00:50
mfnyok, thanks for the feedback, am off to bed here myself heh00:54
NullMoogleCablewhats the status on debian or ubuntu on the minnow?00:54
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* mranostay yawns03:56
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mranostayhowdy aholler04:01
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prpplaguelizzy lure -
mmetzgerThat looks like fun...17:09
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dm8tbrnuhu, so intel invests big in hyping yocto-intel-foo to EVERYONE(*)18:17
dm8tbr*)as long as everyone is in certain parts of the US or Canada18:17
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prpplaguedm8tbr: ??18:30
dm8tbrerr, sorry18:31
dm8tbrnice link but not the one ;)18:31
prpplagueah interesting18:35
* prpplague reads18:35
dm8tbrthe tits^h^hzen challenge was for a couple more countries, but still handful and details burried in the t&c18:45
dm8tbrI understand that international law is hard, yadayada18:46
dm8tbrbut hiding this shit deep down in their t&c is not cool. especially not if they 'CALL ALL THE DEVELOPERS' and such18:46
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ahollerdm8tbr: we don't exist for the us. our money, yes, but nothing else ;)19:40
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ahollerdm8tbr: btw. good comic, but I wouldn't call it nice. It's to near on reality.20:00
NullMoogleCablewhats the status on debian or ubuntu on the minnow?20:12
zenlinuxNullMoogleCable, I thought you had it working?20:13
NullMoogleCablei got a bare bootstrap working20:14
zenlinuxthere was some recent mailing list traffic about this just days ago. Bryan Smith is making significant headway20:15
dm8tbrthought all it needs is a working boot loader that can handle uefi3220:19
zenlinuxthat would solve most of our problems, yes. Also emgd support in the distro20:20
zenlinuxbrb...making some coffee20:20
_av500_did some body start a compile farm to create minnowbian?21:07
_av500_or Mubuntu21:07
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mranostay_av500_: you troll :)21:14
ahollermranostay: he just talks about becoming a hero ;)21:16
mranostayaholler: av500 is a hero to me that counts :P21:17
ahollerdid he compile a distro for you? ;)21:17
_av500_rasbian was started by 2 epople people in a garage21:22
mranostay_av500_: parents garage?21:23
_av500_of course21:23
_av500_thats how legends are made21:23
ahollerfearless people compiling debian21:37
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mfnyhey all23:05
mfnyzenlinux: you hear back re farnell situation ?23:05
zenlinuxhey mfny - I have the scoop!23:05
zenlinuxso it turns out Farnell *is* end-of-lifeing that SKU - but they are replacing it with another23:06
zenlinuxif you look further down the page you'll find another MinnowBoard SKU which includes the board at a lower cost, but without the power supply23:06
zenlinuxthen you can buy an EU power supply seperately23:06
mfnyohh, interesting and actuly prett good change for me then23:06
mfnypretty rather23:07
zenlinuxhere's the model w/o the power supply:
mfnyjust found it, any idea when stock would be in in UK ?23:07
zenlinuxI'm not sure on that - CircuitCo sent out new shipments to a bunch of distributors last week from Texas23:08
zenlinuxso it may be a while before the UK gets those23:08
mfnymight be worth contacting farnell myself to see if they have an ETA ?23:09
mfnyspeaking of PSU, got a link to a UK PSU on there that would work for the minnow ?23:11
prpplaguemfny: they should be reporting them in stock any day now23:11
prpplaguemfny: my guess is they just haven't officially received them into inventory, but i do know they have received the shipment23:12
mfnyprpplague: oh hi, you on the minnow team in some way to ?23:13
prpplaguemfny: yes i am with circuitco the manufacturers of the minnowboard23:13
mfnyah ok, and i assume this change in SKU is becuse of people complaining about the US PSU ?23:14
mfnyoh, cpc has this .. minnow with UK PSU as a new SKU:
mfnyin stock to23:18
mfnycpc is farnell, but for some reason stocks diffrent things to farnell at diffrent prices23:19
mfnyso pretty much no problem getting a minnow then that i can see, at least in terms of availability.23:21
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mfnycpc just reminded me however i forgot farnell does not display prices inc vat so minnow is more expensive then i though heh23:23
mfnyprpplague: the minnow doing ok sales wise ? if you dont mind me askin.23:28
prpplaguemfny: mainly due to the change in price, but yes also due to the power supply23:28
prpplaguemfny: very very well, however, sales are really not the judge of success for the minnow23:29
prpplaguemfny: if you have not already seen it, you might want to take a look at this video to get a little insight in the overall goals of minnowboard -
mfnyin terms of SBCs im looking at Minnow would work out along with the Wandboard Quad and Saberlite as being the most expensive, though at least in the case of Minnow judgeing from comments on E14 someone mentioned from looking at the board that they knew where the money went (in a positive sense) so there is thar23:31
mfnyprpplague: thats the video that added the minnow to my list :)23:31
* prpplague heads to a meeting23:32
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