Thursday, 2013-10-10

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mfnyoh hi again, just saw the frontpage news on pricedrop + free lure.. would seem the price drop has not hit farnell uk/cpc yet22:20
mranostaywas the price drop only from US suppliers?22:21
mfnyno idea, id assume a price drop would translate, otherwise id be paying £20 more for the same product with USD conversion22:23
mfnyunless farnells/circuitco has the same idea of GBP to USD conversion priceing as Microsoft and Sony heh22:24
mfnyusd to GPB price of minnow =  £118, Farnel and CPC have it priced at £132 as of now22:28
mfnythats ex vat as well22:28
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mranostaymfny: well i assume the UK has higher taxes on electronics :22:39
mfnyVAT should not affect a price drop in the base product price22:40
mfnyjust means the overall price would drop inc vat22:40
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