Tuesday, 2013-10-15

zenlinuxok, coo00:12
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mfnyanyone awake ?01:45
prpplaguemfny: no we went to be an hour ago01:46
mfnyohh tpying in your sleep.. impressive heh01:46
prpplaguemfny: if you have a question, ask away, if someone is available and knows the answer, they will respond, hehe01:47
mfnywell, pretty sure if im going the SBC route for what im doing it will be a minnow, just wondered what anyone is doing re a case ?01:48
prpplaguemfny: case wise, most everyone i know is either using an off the shelf pelican case, or doing a laser cut plexiglass case01:48
prpplaguemfny: there really isn;t one being sold at this time01:49
prpplaguemfny: what are you planning to use the minnow for?01:49
mfnygeneral tinkering/learning/playing with embedded pretty much, more then likely messing with GPIO/Python01:50
mfnybut i am after flexablity and HDMI is a must also01:52
mfnyotherise id look at cheaper options like beaglebone black, but HDMI is crippled on that otherwise it would be a good bet01:52
prpplaguemfny: oh? not to dissuade you on the minnow, but how is the hdmi crippled on the black?01:53
mfnyno 1080p@60hz01:54
prpplagueblack does 1080p@60hz , just with no audio01:54
mfnyah, id be needing the option of audio, just in case01:55
prpplaguemfny: then you haven;t done your research....01:55
prpplaguemfny: minnow only has DVI over HDMI01:55
prpplaguemfny: ..... no audio01:55
mfnyah but it does have audio out on jacks though01:57
prpplaguemfny: you can add an audio cape to the black which does the same thing01:57
mfnyoh, that i did not know01:58
mfnythat cape is more then the black itself so kinda reduces the cost comparsion a bit02:00
prpplaguemfny: the point is you can add it on very easily02:01
prpplaguemfny: new version of the cape will be out in 45 days that will be less expensive02:01
mfnyoh well, i guess i should put the black back on The List then eh ?02:02
prpplaguemfny: if you are just learning yes, but the minnow is a fine choice, hehe, either way, you are buying from me, hehe02:03
mfnythats a good point heh02:03
mfnycomeing from a PC background x86 is like a nice comfy blanket so there is that familartity factor to I guess02:04
mfnythough im actuly more of a fan of AMD then Intel heh02:05
mfnyand yes i guess the RPi is conspicuous for its  absence on my list but there are few things that give me enough pause with it, and its hardly as if there are not lots of alternatives02:09
prpplaguemfny: with good reason02:10
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mfnyeveryone and their mother seems to be doing the hobbiest SBC thang now02:11
prpplaguemfny: hehe, yea whats funny, the folks that have been doing it for years seem to be portrayed in the media as newcomers to the market following RPi02:12
mfnyPi has done one amazing thing though, changed the game price wise, i did look at this stuff years ago but it would have cost me £250 - £500 to have a play with this stuff02:14
prpplaguemfny: hehe see there you go, another myth out there, hehe02:15
mfnyoh no myth, maybe the market was a bit different elseware but here in the UK it was realy out of my reach at the time02:16
prpplaguemfny: hehe02:17
prpplaguemfny: i'd love to have a really good historical conversation with you on this, but i am worn out after a rather long day, hehe02:17
prpplaguemfny: feel free to ping me another time, hehe02:17
mfnysame here actuly02:18
mfnyso ill see you around02:18
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Jayneilzenlinux: ping15:36
zenlinuxJayneil, POW! Kazaam! Pew pew pew!15:37
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* Jayneil heads off to CCO19:47
mranostayJayneil: excitine!19:47
mranostay*exciting even19:47
ahollerI just got a guillotine in mine after reading "heads off" ;)20:03
mranostayaholler: how is in holler-land?20:05
ahollerno holler-land here20:07
ahollerso i'm a stranger20:07
ahollercurrently reading green mars ;)20:13
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