Saturday, 2013-10-19

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ahollerhmm, why do I already know the answer of koen's question? ;)09:27
koenwhich question?09:33
aholleryour talk ;)09:34
ahollerBetteridge explained the concept in a February 2009 article? something must be wrong with that09:57
ahollerreinvented like fashion or things in it.09:57
aholleryou know, asynchronous communiction didn't exist befor node.js ;)09:58
ahollerhmpf, the mini-usb of one of my usb-hd's (the one I use with the beagle c4) seems broken. :(10:00
ahollerthe beagle killed it while falling down and using the cable as escape rope10:04
dm8tbrtime to bring out the smoldering-iron10:05
ahollerfirst I have to find my way inside the disk. it's one of those 2.5" seagate freagent10:07
ahollerbuild to not be opened10:08
ahollerpoor beagle, will have to sleep a while.10:08
ahollernot nice, it was the build-station for the os of both beagles :/10:14
ahollerto come back to koens question ;)10:14
ahollerkoen: does the answer mean you will become a gentoo user? ;)10:15
koenI wash a gentoo user10:18
koentill it killed a diskdrive10:18
koenrebuilding X and glibc every other day was just too much for the disk in the sparcstation10:18
koenpeople tell me I picked a bad time to use gentoo, but it is what it is10:18
ahollerexperienced gentoo users don't do world updates regulary ;)10:19
ahollerI do it just 2 times a year or such.10:20
ahollerand usually just update by manual selection10:21
ahollerhappily I compiled and synced kde 4.11 to mmc before the accident happened ;)10:23
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VaizkiCherrypicking updates on a per-machine basis... No thanks.19:06
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