Monday, 2013-10-21

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koenjust in time for ELC-E:
patrikkoen, what version of emgd are you shipping with v2013.06?09:08
patrikIs it 1.18?09:08
koen1.16 :(09:12
patrikAh ok, I was trying to compile 1.18 yesterday so I can see what's going on with the PLL programming09:16
patrikbut no luck yet09:17
patrikkoen, Do you know if EMGD is compiled in development mode in the Angstrom dev gnome image?10:10
patrikThere is tons of useful debugging in the the debug build of EMGD that isn't available in the production version10:11
koenno idea, it's already patches into the linux-yocto kernel10:13
koenyou'd have to ask Darren about it10:13
patrikah ok10:13
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