Tuesday, 2013-10-29

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dm8tbraholler: is your bbb boot chart thingy somewhere in SCM? I might offer some additional thingo around the dreaded FAT ROMBL code.12:19
ahollerno. and nothing dreaded in bbb anymore, or am I wrong?13:17
dm8tbrthe ROMBL probably still does the braindead FAT check13:18
ahollerI know that, but I think they finally fixed it after years13:20
dm8tbroh, ok13:20
dm8tbrthat would be... unexpected13:20
ahollertry it yourself13:21
dm8tbryeah, will have to13:21
ahollersomeone should be carried to texas if not ;)13:22
ahollerdm8tbr: please tell me the result then ;)13:54
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aholleroh, the next elce will be in germany15:33
ahollerit likely will become dusseldorf ;)15:34
dm8tbralways could have been Hangover15:34
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ahollerI'm not sure if düsseldorfer will be luck if their town will be called dusseldorf ;)15:37
aholleron the other side, in german slang "to have had dussel" means to have had luck ;)15:39
ahollernot sure where the düssel comes from, I don't think it has the same origin ;)15:39
dm8tbron the other side: du bist ein dussel. is not really that great15:40
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lostincake|worklI made a lure for my minnowboard that has an mSATA card on it19:22
lostincake|worklbut the OS doesn't detect it19:22
lostincake|worklis there something special I have to do to enable the use of the SATA interface on the expansion header?19:23
prpplaguelostincake|workl: the firmware should be good to detect it, however there are a number of things that could be at issue19:41
prpplaguelostincake|workl: we have the lizzy lure that is coming out shortly with mSATA and mPCIe19:41
lostincake|worklis there any way you guys can share the schematic for that? so I can check against it?19:41
prpplaguelostincake|workl: we have not posted the schematic as of yet, but i can forward a copy if you would19:41
lostincake|worklthat would be great19:41
lostincake|worklWhen I look at dmesg, there are many references to sda2, but it doesn't show up in fdisk -l (my OS HDD is on sda1 and that shows up in fdisk -l)19:47
mmetzger1/2 usually refer to partitions, not disks.19:48
lostincake|worklerr, nm, I guess a second drive would be sdb19:48
lostincake|worklyeah, k19:48
lostincake|worklhmm, I also don't seem to have /sys/class/gpio as per http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:GPIO_Programming ... what the hell...19:53
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lostincake|worklok nm, GPIO is there20:21
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prpplaguelostincake|workl: schematic has been sent21:12
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lostincake|worklhmm, you have 1.5V going to a few pins21:14
lostincake|worklnone of the datasheets I've read actually have those as connected pins though.. hmm21:18
lostincake|worklhas anyone here added an SPI device to the minnowboard?21:35
lostincake|worklI'm supposed to add an spi_board_info to some sort of board.c setup file for the kernel, but I dont see one for the minnow (I downloaded the kernel source from meta/minnow)21:42
lostincake|worklthere are a bunch of board-xxx.c for random arm boards, but nothing for the minnow21:42
lostincake|worklam I looking in the wrong place?21:42
lostincake|worklgot it from here to be specific: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/linux-yocto-3.8/commit/arch?h=standard/minnow21:42
lostincake|worklI'm doing this because I dont have a /dev/spidev on my minnow. I tried modprobing spidev, but no dice21:45
prpplaguezenlinux: can you help lostincake|workl ?21:48
prpplaguezenlinux: i am super swamped atm21:48
zenlinuxprpplague, lostincake|workl - apologies, but I haven't done anything with SPI before, so I don't think I can be of much help21:49
lostincake|worklok, I'll hang around21:50
lostincake|worklwhen my message board thing gets accepted, I'll leave a message there21:50
zenlinuxlostincake|workl, you mean the mailing list moderation? At least two people were approved earlier today, I think you may have been one of them.21:52
lostincake|worklyeah, just say, email went to junk for some reason21:52
lostincake|workljust saw*21:52
lostincake|worklwell.. added a post, guess I'll finish up other stuff in the meanwhile22:27
lostincake|worklthanks for the help so far prpplague +  zenlinux22:27
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