Thursday, 2013-10-31

Jayneilzenlinux: Just saw your talk -
JayneilIts simply badass! Liked the email based dog feeding machine example a lot as well as :-)00:47
zenlinuxhehe, that was the talk where we first announce minnow00:54
zenlinuxI was pretty nervous and it came through - thankfully I've become a bit more skilled at handling that since then. :)00:55
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lostincake|worklok, more questions about the minnow hardware. Are the UARTs on the expansion header already enabled? Or do I have to do some kernel recompiling for that?15:55
av500no idea, I have no minnow :(15:57
lostincake|worklI've tried ttyS1, ttyu1, ttyPCH115:58
lostincake|worklguess I just keep trying all these devices...15:58
lostincake|workln/m, They are enabled under ttyS[1-2]16:09
lostincake|worklI just had Tx/Rx reversed on my Lure16:09
lostincake|worklof all the goddamn things to screw up16:09
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