Friday, 2013-11-01

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lostincake_hiya, asked this in message board but figured Id ask here as well. I'm trying to use a custom kernel with the HDD images that koen provided (running on an attached SSD instead of SD card). For some reason, the minnow wants to keep booting the stock kernel bzImage. I replaced the bzImage in /boot with mine, still no dice. Dont know where it's loading this kernel from...04:46
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patriklostincake_, it's loading the kernel from the EFI partition14:14
lostincake|work_is that accessible from the OS? like in /media or something?14:17
lostincake|work_cause I dont see any partitions in fdisk -l14:17
patrikYou're booting straight from the SSD?14:21
patrikOr via the SD?14:21
lostincake|work_straight to SSD14:24
lostincake|work_SD is not plugged in14:24
patrikwierd, you should be able to see the EFI partition when doing fdisk -l14:27
lostincake|work_yeah I just see /dev/sda114:31
patrikfdisk -l14:41
patrikGives me three partitions on the SD14:42
patrikwhat fdisk version do you have?14:42
patrikmine is: fdisk from util-linux 2.23.114:43
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aholler_oh, panto gone u-boot.16:40
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mranostayaholler: what about the panto? :)16:41
ahollernothing interesting, I've just seen that he now seems to maintain something from u-boot.16:44
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mranostayaholler: maybe in the past17:37
aholleryes, yesterday17:43
mranostayaholler: where i don't see a merge17:56
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Jayneilprpplague: ping19:01
prpplagueJayneil: pong19:02
Jayneilprpplague: Steven Magee is still looking for topics for the upcoming DFW Embedded Linux meetup.. I was thinking of giving a tutorial..It seems he is looking for 30 min talks.. I was hoping to do maybe an hour tutorial on Minnow and also give attendees some to play around with.. Or we can just give like an intro to minnowboard talk.. Would welcome your opinion/feedback/thought on this..19:06
prpplagueJayneil: that is fine, but i can not assist with it currently due to other requirements19:06
prpplagueJayneil: i've already told steven that i can do one of my prepared presentations from ELC/ELCE, but that my time is extremely limited currently19:07
lostincake|worklpatrik, my fdisk is 2.23.219:13
Jayneilprpplague: Ok. np.. I assume you are referring to your "You, me and I2C talk.."?19:16
prpplagueJayneil: that or the lcd one19:16
Jayneilprpplague: Yes! :-)19:19
lostincake|workl"Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2 ro rootwait quiet console=ttyPCH0,115200 console=tty0 vmalloc=256MB snd-hda-intel.enable_msi=0" --- this is from dmesg... wtf? Is linux hiding shit from me?19:20
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lostincake|worklah, plugged it into my laptop with a USB -> SATA and there fdisk shows a warning saying it cant read GPT partitions19:26
lostincake|worklhave to use GNU parted19:27
lostincake|worklwonderful news. If you type "opkg list | parted", it blows up the console19:31
lostincake|worklcause I think it's passing every item to parted lol19:31
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patriklostincake_, have you tried just mounting sda1 somewhere after booting the minnow up?19:50
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lostincake|worklpatrik, I mounted sda1 and indeed its the GPT partition20:34
lostincake|worklfor some reason, I think fdisk freaks out at the GPT partition and doesn't print the rest of the table or something20:34
lostincake|worklcause my OS is definitely on sda220:34
lostincake|worklso now I'm booting the right kernel20:34
lostincake|worklexcept the SPI device still doesen't show up20:35
lostincake|workl* sigh *20:35
lostincake|worklone problem solved I guess20:35
Jayneilmranostay: ping20:42
* mranostay hides from Jayneil :)20:43
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