Wednesday, 2013-11-06

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patrikI have this funny thing with my Minnow when booting from SATA. When the minnow boots, the HDD spins up but after about 6 secs it makes a little click. If I haven't started booting from the HDD before that click it fails to read from it.16:16
patrikThough If I skip the UEFI countdown (5sec) it always succeeds16:18
patrikAlso, if I boot into Ånström from the SD and then reboot it always work. Like if the HDD needs to be up and running for a while to not go into sleep as fast as it does when in UEFI16:19
ahollerthat click usually means the power is cut16:24
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lostincake|workanyone use anything SPI with the minnowboard?16:29
patrikaholler, yes, that was my impression as well but It doesn't seem to spin down though16:31
zenlinux_lostincake|work, I just ordered a SPI sensor to start playing with so I can be of more help, it should arrive by the weekend, I hope16:31
lostincake|workzenlinux_, cool16:32
lostincake|workI'm going to have to resort to using an I2C to SPI bridge soon if this doesnt work16:32
zenlinux_there's a sizable thread on SPI on the MinnowBoard Google Group in case you haven't seen that yet16:32
lostincake|workyeah I started it16:32
ahollerpatrik: there is no brake inside. so if it gets power again, it doesn't really spin down.16:32
lostincake|work< Aditya Gaddam16:32
lostincake|workI still want to get the spidev thing working seems like the best way to do things16:33
lostincake|workthe writing my own kernel module is a lot more convoluted than I thought16:33
patrikaholler, NO BRAKE? :)16:34
patrikaholler, but I can usually tell when the power is cut. I can clearly hear it on my other drivers. This sounds more like it's parking or something.16:36
patrikbut anyways, if people fail to boot their devices, a trick might be to skip the UEFI countdown16:37
patriklostincake_, have you read the docs available on linux spidev?
* mranostay wishes he was lost in cake17:14
lostincake|workpatrik, yeah,!category-topic/minnowboard/s3Y0KKRw7rI17:14
lostincake|workdid the kernel modification and loading of spidev and spi-topcliff-pch17:14
lostincake|worknothing shows up in dev still17:14
lostincake|workso going to play with bus and chip select numbers17:14
lostincake|worksince I have no idea what the bus number for the SPI on the eg20t is17:14
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IntelMakerHi noob question:  what would a linux command line look like to read one of the GPIOs18:02
zenlinux_IntelMaker, check out our getting started guides:
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zenlinux_There's one on GPIO programming, and describes the sysfs interface you can use from the shell18:05
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patrikyay, modesetting with gma500 works!18:45
dvhartpatrik, awesome!18:52
zenlinuxpatrik: no way! :D18:56
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patrikGonna see if I can get this in during the merge window. It might be tight but I'll poke Dave Airlie about it.18:59
patrikTurns out the minnowboard is picky about the power states before performing certain operations19:02
dvhartpatrik, could you send me a series to test myself?19:10
dvhartpatrik, I presume you are ignoring LVDS for the time being?19:10
patrikdvhart, sure, but there is tons of cleaning up. I've basically added every quirk on the planet and now I'm taking them away again one at a time to see what is really needed19:11
patriknope haven't looked at LVDS yet19:11
dvhartpatrik, understood, I promise not to send you hate mail ;-)19:12
dvhartwhen you get to LVDS, please poke me first as I've been working a lot with the EMGD folks to get the GPIO sharing done right, I should be able to help kickstart things19:13
dvhartat least provide context regarding firmware impact, etc.19:13
patrikDoes the lure have a chip providing EDID for the panel?19:14
dvhartpatrik, I don't know, but it would make sense that *a* lure could do that.19:15
dvhartThe lines are exported over the expansion connector for that reason.19:15
patrikyes, that would be the sane way of providing the proper mode19:17
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