Monday, 2013-11-11

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patrikzenlinux, gma500 minnow patches are now in drm-next and are going into 3.13-rc1. I was thinking of starting to work on LVDS support and then get back to 2D acceleration. Also I need to write something about all this on the Wiki.13:46
patrikzenlinux, what is the status on the LVDS lure?13:46
lostincake__patrik, the daughterboard I made for work also has LVDS on it, does the image currently have software support for it?14:08
patriklostincake__, I don't know about EMGD but Oaktrail LVDS support is already in gma500. Though we need some way to get the proper mode. Basically GPIO to an EEPROM (I2C DDC) or putting it in the VBIOS (not really a solution since it doesn't know what panel you have attached).14:16
patrikOr perhaps panels come with their own EEPROM containing the modes these days?14:18
koensome do14:20
patrikkoen, ok, but the lines aren't on the FPDLink-I connector, right?14:39
koenAIUI some lvds panel have an i2c line on their connectors14:40
* koen waits for prpplague to show up and share his lvds wisdom14:40
patrikseems FPDLink-III has an extra communications channel for I2C but not the FPDLink-I14:41
patrikWell, I suppose the GPIO reserved for LVDS are the ones I need to probe anyways, no matter how it's physically connected to any EEPROM on the lure / panel.14:42
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lostincake|workso I'm getting UART overruns on my minnow, is there some way in linux to clear these things without restarting the system?15:12
lostincake|workall I can find online is at best how to detect overruns...15:12
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ahollerchange (lower) baudrate?16:21
aholleror enable fifo, if such exists16:22
ahollersounds like some driver problem, if the driver is unable too slow to prevent overruns16:23
aholleror some task is blocking irqs for too long.16:29
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mranostaylostincake|work: what baudrate?16:58
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mranostaythat should just work17:01
mranostaythat is FTDI chip on the minnow17:01
mranostayvery well supported so i don't think it is a driver or minnow issue17:01
lostincake|worknah, this is two devices on the UART ports on the expansion header17:01
lostincake|workI'm sending a line of ASCII every 10ms from one of the devices17:02
lostincake|workperhaps that might be an issue17:02
mranostayoh that..17:02
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ahollerquestion is what did pverrun17:34
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mranostaylostincake|work: on tx and rx?21:11
lostincake|workI am not sure currently. I had to move on to something else at work.21:12
lostincake|workwill bug you guys again when I get back to that21:12
lostincake|workI THINK its RX though, can you even have TX overruns? I guess if you pump data in faster than its going out a certain baud21:13
aholleri meant if a hw-buffer (fifo) or a driver internal buffer21:52
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