Monday, 2013-11-25

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lostincake|worklso after using connman to try and set a static ip, eth0 now doesn't connect to the internets15:41
lostincake|worklI can still ping and ssh to the device and vice versa15:41
lostincake|worklon the local network15:41
lostincake|worklbut cant reach outside15:41
lostincake|worklis there someway to manually configure eth0?15:42
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thaytanlostincake|workl, sounds like you didn't set up the gateway and/or dns16:12
lostincake|worklended up just ripping out connman16:12
lostincake|workljust using /etc/network/interfaces16:12
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lostincake|worklis there any way to disable ttyPCH1 as one of the shells?20:41
lostincake|worklso only ttyPCH0 is a shell20:41
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dvhartlostincake|workl, I didn't even realize PCH1 was setup as a shell20:48
lostincake|worklyeah, nm20:49
lostincake|worklI just checked securetty20:49
dvhartlostincake|workl, that is defined on the kernel command line and in /etc/inittab... er.... wait for systemd it's somewhere else20:49
lostincake|workllooks like PCH0 is the only one thats setup as a shell20:49
lostincake|worklhave to talk to this stupid 4dgl LCD over UART20:49
dvhartThat makes sense, it's the only exposed port on the main board20:49
lostincake|worklsometimes it doesn't respond20:49
lostincake|workltrying to see if its maybe getting garbage on the UART when it starts up20:50
dvhartwhat BAUD does it run at?20:50
lostincake|worklI took out the LCD and plugged in a UARt->USB to see whats  being sent and the lines are quiet21:26
lostincake|worklso dunno what the hell is going on21:26
lostincake|worklI'm guessing this LCD is just being janky21:26
lostincake|workl"[  374.037488] pch_uart 0000:02:0a.2: Error data in FIFO"21:32
lostincake|worklI'm thinking thats UART 2 though, not 121:33
dvhartI believe that is the case.... what is the PCI device for PCH0 in the boot log?22:03
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