Thursday, 2013-12-05

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purpleideaprpplague: good idea about the pelican case, thanks! do you know if it has appropriate screw holes to mount the board, or is this something i'd have to add myself/11:05
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korfihey all. I'm thinking about buying a MinnowBoard and I need to run Win XP on it. I know it's probably possible since it's x86 but I want to make sure before I buy it14:18
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kierankCan the LVDS on the minnowboard be used for other things besides graphics?15:51
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kierankav500: feeding a satellite modulator with lvds </crazy idea>16:18
av500kierank: sure, encode you data pixels </crazy idea>16:18
* prpplague really really hates when people use the lvds when they really mean FPD-Link16:24
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kierankmakes it difficult to find a pcie card with actual LVDS as well16:27
prpplaguethere it is again... lvds - You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.16:31
prpplaguekierank: if you study up on what FPD-Link actually is, finding a PCIe card that does what you want won't be difficult16:35
kierankafaik I don't need fpd-link16:36
prpplaguekierank: hehe16:39
prpplaguekierank: let me explain16:39
prpplaguekierank: what you are calling LVDS is not LVDS16:39
prpplaguekierank: what you are calling LVDS is actually FPD-Link16:39
kierankWhy do you say that16:39
prpplaguekierank: LVDS stands for Low Voltage Differential Signaling16:39
kierankI am aware of that16:39
prpplaguekierank: that describes an electrical interface, it does not describe the data that is transmitted across it16:40
kierankI know16:40
prpplaguekierank: most people incorrectly use the term LVDS when referring to FPD-Link16:41
prpplaguekierank: such as those for for LCD panels and display interfaces16:41
kierankI need DVB-SPI which uses LVDS which is not anything to do with FPD-Link16:41
kierank4:18 PM <kierank> av500: feeding a satellite modulator with lvds </crazy idea>16:41
prpplaguekierank: ok, let me ask you, why do you think you need LVDS?16:42
prpplaguekierank: and can you give me an example of an LVDS that is similar?16:42
kierankI've been asked to send a transport stream to a modulator using DVB-SPI16:44
av500prpplague: he wants to use the TX for some other signals16:44
av500but as I guess it is hardwired to the display controller, that wont work16:45
av500since its a FPD link :)16:45
kierankyeah that why it was a crazy idea16:45
av500kierank: no PCIE card?16:45
av500with DVB SPI?16:45
kierankthere is16:45
kierankbut if the board did it natively, it would be a bonus16:46
prpplagueok so it is indeed FPD-Link16:46
kierankso the minnowboard is fpd-link, not lvds16:46
* prpplague bangs head on desk16:46
kierankok that was written badly16:46
kierankminnowboard is fpd-link, which uses lvds16:46
prpplaguekierank: 99% of the times you see "LVDS" associated with a display interface, what they actually mean is FPD-Link16:47
kierankyes, i'm having that problem16:47
prpplaguekierank: there are wide range of off-the-shelf chips that convert to/from FPD-Link16:49
prpplaguekierank: most have easy to use evm boards, and a lot of companies make retail converters16:49
av500but he wants DVB-PSI :)16:50
* prpplague isn't familiar with DVB stuff 16:52
prpplagueav500: this something that is popular in EU?16:52
av500its basically digital TV16:53
av500over cable, sat and OTA16:53
kierankthere is an equivalent american interface16:53
prpplagueyea i don't think i've ever seen that implemented in the states. seems like that is what they  use in barbados16:54
av500prpplague: DVB is used in the US for SAT TV16:56
prpplagueav500: ahh16:57
av500so, DVB-S16:57
av500you dont use DVB-T but ATSC for OTA16:57
prpplaguethis is an area i have no experience with16:57
av500you know, your NIH that does not work in a moving car :)16:57
prpplagueav500: so what exactly is kierank trying to do?16:57
av500send DVB signals16:58
av500he's a braodcaster16:58
av500an open source one16:58
av500so nobody likes him in the industry :)16:58
kierankI was going for a crazy idea to use the "LVDS" on the motherboard to feed the modulator16:59
kierankbut it's an fpd-link16:59
kierankso i can't16:59
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prpplaguekierank: do you have a datasheet for the modulator?17:01
kieranknot publicly17:01
prpplaguekierank: so the datasheet for the modulator says that it has LVDS interface?17:02
kierankit says it has a DVB-SPI interface17:03
* prpplague googles17:03
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kierankdon't worry, it was a stupid idea17:04
prpplaguekierank: ok, so according to google, DVB-SPI is FPD-Link17:04
kierankthat's the spec and there's no mention of fpd-link17:05
kierank(lol chinese specs)17:06
prpplaguekierank: ahh ok, yep, this is not an implementation of FPD-Link based on the pdf you linked to17:12
* prpplague has never seen this configuration before17:12
prpplagueav500: this something you've work with before?17:12
kierankno, it's a "professional" thing17:12
kierankav500 has dealt with the stuff at the other end17:12
prpplaguekierank: hehe, i think i qualify as a "professional", hehe17:13
kieranks/professional/enterprise and it might make more sense17:14
kieranki.e this shit is so expensive and niche most people don't use it17:15
kierankunnecessarily expensive17:15
av500prpplague: yes and no :)17:27
prpplagueav500: hehe17:27
prpplaguezenlinux_: ping17:31
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tbrand suddenly ... scrolling17:44
tbrand I already thought this channel was dead17:44
prpplaguetbr: no dead just resting17:53
prpplaguenew fun things coming down the pipe!17:53
prpplaguelizzy lure is soon to be released17:53
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zenlinuxprpplague, yo18:15
prpplaguezenlinux: nm, pinged mkrau about the XDP18:17
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