Wednesday, 2013-12-18

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prpplaguezenlinux: ping18:19
zenlinuxprpplague, morning18:20
zenlinuxbtw, I recently noticed your offices are practically walking distance from Id Software. :)18:20
zenlinuxI've been reading Masters of Doom recently.18:20
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe "walking distance" in texas is a somewhat misleading description, hehe18:21
zenlinuxtrue, I'm sure 99% of people would drive that quarter-mile18:21
prpplaguezenlinux: where are their offices? (we have a lot of tech companies in the area)18:21
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe, well walking 1/4 mile when it is 100+ degrees outside can be dangerous18:22
zenlinuxthey're right around the corner on N Greenville Ave18:22
prpplaguezenlinux: ahh interesting18:22
prpplaguezenlinux: if you see dvhart, can you ask him to drop by #minnowboard for about 20-30 minutes?18:22
zenlinuxI'll ping him by email, working from home todya18:23
prpplaguezenlinux: no worries18:25
* prpplague had conference calls all morning and did them from home as well18:25
prpplaguezenlinux: do we have a solid software contact for baytrail-i?18:25
prpplagueby software i mean kernel18:26
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zenlinuxof course18:27
dvhartprpplague, I have a meeting until 11, but can sync up then18:27
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