Monday, 2014-01-13

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aholleromg, 1000+ bugs in ffmpeg16:55
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patrikI'm going to hook up a power switch I have on the chassi I've build for the Minnow. It's just a circuit breaker but I don't wanna cut the cable on the power adapter so I found a couple of old ones. The problem is that they are either 4.6V or 6V.19:41
patrikWhat are the input voltage specs for the minnow?19:41
dvhart5V @ 2.5A iirc20:30
dvhartoh, you want to know the range - it's tighter than that20:30
prpplaguepatrik: you need 5V regulated20:32
prpplaguepatrik: do you just want to add a power switch?20:33
prpplaguepatrik: i generally add these to all of my power supplies -
patrikprpplague, I have a switch that sits in the chassi (that old stereo I dissected) so I'll use that.20:42
prpplaguepatrik: ahh20:44
patrikI think I'll just cut the power adapter I've got. Going to hook up the leds as well.20:44
prpplaguepatrik: no worries, if you need another, we'll get one shipped to you20:45
patrikprpplague, is the power on the GPIO header cut when the Minnow is power off? I'd like to use it for the power led.20:47
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prpplaguepatrik: the gpio_prog voltage is removed when the minnow is powered down20:50
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prpplaguepatrik: but the control of that voltage is also determine by the jumper position20:50
prpplaguepatrik: one position is always on when the board is powered20:50
prpplaguepatrik: the other position is controlled by a gpio20:51
patrikah yes, pin 1-2 on j1020:53
patrikThanks for the info, I'm off to bed20:55
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