Tuesday, 2014-01-14

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b0rkzDoes anyone know where I can buy minnowboards with the XDP header pre-populated?16:21
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prpplagueb0rkz: you can contact sales@circuitco.com16:23
koenprpplague: have you done any measurents on the sata port?16:30
koenI get ~35MiB/s with a brand new SSD with the 3.8 kernel16:30
koengoing to try the 3.10 later this week16:30
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prpplaguekoen: i did some tests early on with the on board sata connector16:30
prpplaguekoen: i've not done any performance tests on the lizzy16:31
koenyes, the on board one16:32
koenI know it's only sata2, but 35MiB/s is USB like performance16:32
b0rkzprpplague, I don't see circuitco.com as one of the places listed as "where to buy" on the main page. Are they people who supply the boards to the others? And if not, why are they not listed?16:33
prpplagueb0rkz: circuitco is the designed and manufacturer of the minnowboard16:33
prpplagueb0rkz: they normally sell through distributors16:33
prpplagueb0rkz: but for special orders/version you have to order directly from them16:34
b0rkzok, got it. thanks16:34
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ahollerusb 2.0 is 1/3 slower19:21
koenaholler: btw, thank you for the displaylink patches you posted a year ago19:21
ahollerhehe, I still have them in my private tree too ;)19:22
koenI now use a 7" displaylink LCD as main monitor for my server19:22
ahollersilly maintainers expect a rewrite of the driver which I'm not gonna to do19:23
koenthe drm driver should be used19:23
koenbut that didn't work for me19:23
ahollerit doesn't for me too19:24
ahollerno fb19:24
koenI wanted to run something like kmscon on it19:24
koenand use the builtin i915 for the 3d bits19:24
koenbut alas, the drm driver doesn't like my displaylink device19:24
ahollerah, you have one of those newer ones19:25
koensamsung u7019:25
ahollerhmm, no, otherwise udlfb wouldn't work19:25
koenalready EOL19:25
aholleryes, I confused the problem with usb 3.x devices19:26
ahollerI've read somewhere the usb 3.x devices are completely different19:26
koenthe are the same in the sense that displaylink makes the chips :)19:27
ahollerbtw. the u70 was the reason why I bought a mimo 7". the u70 was already not available anymore when I bought my mimo. ;)19:45
aholleranyway, at least it shows that the patches can be found, so sending them to lkml wasn't just a waste of time. ;)19:50
calculushmm... I should get in on these patches, I have a mimo 7" (I think I last tried with success on kernel 3.2)19:54
calculususing udlfb19:54
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aholler[aholler@krabat linux]$ git log | grep udlfb fb: udlfb: fix hang at disconnect udlfb: free framebuffer, even with clients fb: udlfb: fix scheduling while atomic.20:05
ahollerthose are the subjects (3 patches), might help with your search20:06
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