Wednesday, 2014-01-15

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patrikkoen, I get 125MB/s with hdparm -t01:35
prpplaguepatrik: shoot i need to check the log, seems like i was suppose to tell you something today01:37
patrikprpplague, related to my questions yesterday? I got the the leds and the power button hooked up to the chassi now. Works like a charm.01:39
prpplaguepatrik: maybe that is what it was01:40
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NullMoogleCablehas anyone made a 3d printable case for minnow yet?05:30
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patrikprpplague, gonna solder some pins onto J5 (sata activity) and thinking 300 C would do the job. Or do I need to go lower to not damage any components?21:21
patrikWhat temp do you keep your ovens on?21:21
prpplaguepatrik: 400C is probably a better setting21:31
prpplaguepatrik: are you using lead free rohs stuff?21:31
prpplagueyea 400C is a better temp21:31
patrikok, I'll go for that.21:36
prpplaguepatrik: just realized you said oven21:38
prpplaguepatrik: do you really need to do it in an oven?21:38
prpplaguepatrik: just a stock soldering iron should do the trick21:39
patrikNo I'll use the iron. Maybe iron temp != oven temp21:40
prpplaguepatrik: hehe21:43
prpplaguepatrik: 400C to around 415C should be good for your iron21:43
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patrikprpplague, not my best soldering job but it worked22:42
prpplaguepatrik: dandy22:42
prpplaguewhen it works and you haven't burned any body parts, i can that a success22:42
patrikthough I get a slightly less bright light from the activity led. Is it not 5v?22:43
patrikah well, it's bright enough22:46
prpplaguepatrik: sata activity led should be based on 3.3v22:47
prpplaguepatrik: let me grab my notes22:47
prpplaguepatrik: 10mA @ 2.8V22:48
prpplaguepatrik: that's what it should be configured for22:48
prpplaguepatrik: what are the specs for the LED you are using?22:50
patrikprpplague, ok, I added a resistor for 5v so that's why it's not as bright. For the power led I used J1322:51
patrikprpplague, the leds are bright white 3.5V 30mA22:52
* prpplague checks the math22:53
prpplaguepatrik: that's a little high current draw for that gpio pin22:54
* prpplague checks the datasheet22:55
patrikI didn't use the gpio for the power led. It sits straight on the barrel jack pins. I added a ~60 Ohm resistor to the sata activity22:56
prpplaguepatrik: yea 30mA is going to be pretty high for that gpio, max is suppose to be 10mA22:58
prpplaguepatrik: you can remove the 60 ohm resistor from the line, but that is going to still limit the brightness with the in line 220 ohm resistor22:59
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