Thursday, 2014-01-16

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rmrfchikAny hope to get accelerated video driver for GMA600/500?13:15
tbrask intel, I guess13:36
patrikI'm working on it13:48
patrik2D acceleration is working but I need to clean up the driver before releasing it13:48
rmrfchikpatrik: wow.. what about video playing acceleration?13:56
patrikrmrfchik, It's possible. There is a reference driver that I'm thinking of implementing for gma500.13:56
rmrfchikdo you have any relation with intel?13:57
patrikIt is a community project13:58
rmrfchikpatrik: i'm happy that there is a chance to get VA on my notebook. Any deadlines?14:31
patrikrmrfchik, sorry but no, it's basically just me working on it during evenings and weekends.14:34
rmrfchikpatrik: can i help? i have netbook with gma500 and can test it.14:40
patrikrmrfchik, there is not much to test yet but if you know your way around C and GPUs you're always free to send me patches14:42
rmrfchikC yes, GPU no :(14:45
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patrikIt's quite complicated but I15:08
patrik..I'd be happy to answer any questions15:08
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prpplaguezenlinux: what did you think of the open hardware article?17:50
zenlinuxprpplague, it was really solid, nice work!17:55
prpplaguezenlinux: dandy thanks17:55
zenlinuxgrrr, xchat is not redrawing the screen correctly, brb17:55
zenlinuxmuch better17:56
prpplaguezenlinux: hehe17:56
prpplaguezenlinux: i've had that happen a few times with xchat17:56
zenlinuxI should see if the bug has been reported17:56
prpplaguezenlinux: well that was my first one published, so i was really concerned about the feedback on it17:57
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